2 Blunts, or a BIG one

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  1. Im chilling with a couple of my bro's this weekend at the house, plan on get baked and shit-faced, well me being the cool guy I am, is supplying the weed, now my question is: With 4 people about to toke, would it be better to bring a big fat one with the possibility of a few bowl hits, or just use 2 Purple Thunders and make two reg. sized blunts?
  2. or a bunch of bong tokes... hmm..
  3. I think 2 blunts licked and sticked (normal width, 2x the length) is always fun.
  4. personally i'd roll one blunt and use the rest of the bud to pack bowls. youre gonna hate it when you smoke all your weed and run out of weed cuz you smoked it to fast.
  5. Extendo ftw imo.
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    Agreed..idk how many times I've made that mistake and said "never again" lol
  7. like crayzed said, if you use two blunts you'll regret you smoked it so fast
  8. put it in a bong and toke up you'll forget about the blunt
  9. The OP asked how to do his blunts not give him advice on how to use his weed. I say one fatty, a fatty blunt burns forever it's the same as two blunts but slower burning and less tobacco (if that's a factor). :smoking:
  10. id go with str8 bowls if solo...if with friends id roll a blunt wit um and smoke the rest in bowls
  11. Definitely just two blunts, preferably spread out over an hour or two (passed around).

    Or as stated before, take some bong hits. :hello:

  12. Eighth blunt.

    It sounds like a waste, but trust me it's not, you will be ripped off your ass for a long time, i've done it many times.
  13. People I know call those "2 legit" :)

  14. 4 ppl on 2 blunts reg. size over a weekend, even if it was all bowl hits or that you stick the blunt into a bong and hit.... would not be enough to get you through a half a day...

    tell your bodies to not be cheap and throw in some $ and get more weed, more... more
  15. one regular blunt... more bowls
  16. buy moar haha moar moar moar!!!

    or do 1 blunt and a piece of glass like the other blades said.
  17. She was living in a single room with three other individuals.

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