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  1. I'm new just trying to get some advice in my setup.

    I have 600 watt hps/MH digital ballast.

    600 watt hps bulb

    Sun system 6" air cooled hood.

    Black ops carbon filter with 400+ cfm fan exhaust.

    The plants sex is still unknown I tried to fim the two but failed. They look decent to me but idk about one of them. They are two months old and first flower day was today.

    I vegged under a 250 watt CFL until about 10" tall then vegged under 600 watt MH until today.

    I trimmed a lot of the under growth and shoots away. I've got 7' to grow under. 4x4. One seems to be indica one seems hybrid idk. What I like is how thick my stalks are. I've looked at many many grows on here and none have thick stalks like mine.

    P.s. I need to Google stalks and stocks lol can't remember. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. The third small one is back in my veg room 2'x3'x6.5' with 250 CFL I'm mainlining that one. I'm trying to dial in all my stuff before I order seeds. I know the effort I'm putting in is useless if I get all males but I'm in for exp rite now.

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  3. Helpful information may be my nutes. I collect rainwater 3ppm. My tap is 35 ppm however I like the rain water.

    I use General Hydroponics Flora Duo A-B. I will include pics of everything soon. I'm doing 5tsp of A and 10tsp of B.

    I vegged with the opposite with 10 A and 5 B. I also have some new supplement that I added to plants A and B which are the 2 biggest ones in flower room..
  4. Upcoming photos are from the first or second week until now.

    Jan 26th

    Jan 29th
    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]

  5. Feb 3rd

    Feb 4th
    Not sure what this is.

  6. Feb 8th

    Feb 10th

    I got a 600 watt ballast and MH bulb

  7. Feb 13th
    Feb 14th[​IMG]

    The pics at top are most recent will get better ones soon when I go smoke with em this evening before lights out.
  8. Okay smoke session complete got the pics. I have lots to update so bate with me but I'm sure the replies are just holding there breaths with excitement. Ha.

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  9. First picture is of my initial grow calendar. It's messy hard to read but gives a half way detail on what it is I got going on.

    Let me start I change nutes and water once a week. I fill reservoir to bottom of the basket every time it gets halfway empty then I PH it. I have wondered if I need to pH my water before I add it to the reservoir. I dunno we shall find out. [​IMG]

    This is this month up to today. I added a new Cal to my flower room so this one will now be just veg Cal.
  10. The nutes are explained above I have not done anything fancy, but I got a digital pH meter 2 days ago because I feel the yellowing dots on my leaves may be because of pH fluctuations. The pictures will be below soon please correct me if I'm wrong.
  11. I was using the color chart thing and that sh!$ is for the birds.

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  12. My nutrients


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  13. First look at veg room


    Now the little guy below he's known as plant C. She rather. All my seeds come from a out door gorilla grow that you see in dirt witch was some pretty fire smoke I must say. This year's harvest from them will he better cuz I'll know what I'm doing. However only four will go to the woods don't want any unwanted attention the rest will get trashed. I will get clones from them and figure out sex before I determine which four I want.


    C has had a hard life it was a random seed in some kush I had gotten and I decided to mainline it. I had a beer to few one night and that's when the mainlining took place. I broke the side almost ALL the way in half rite at the base. So in desperation I tried to get it as close as possible pushed back up to the base.. It worked because she seems to be doing well. One sides growing faster than the other for obvious reasons. I would like help on how to even them back out once she's healed fully. Because it's not fully healed yet. Some advice on what to do to aid it would be awesome.
  14. First look into flower room this is today from the 8th day in January. They are huge with gigantic stalks. [​IMG]

    This is the top of the canopy of plant A the plant on the right.

    This is something that is on several leafs. The very last photo is the pH problem I think I had explained earlier on the yellowish brownish spots. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    This is under my canopy [​IMG]
  15. Plant B is just chillin on the left side doing its thing I don't have much to complain about on it.canopy and under canopy


    I am curious too is this yellowish new growth normal. Plants A and B are in there first day of flower. [​IMG]

    Okay I'm done for today hopefully I'll get some good input. I have a good sense of humor and helpful criticism is welcome.
  16. Well went out today pH was a bit off so I took care of it. I'm not having a big issue keeping it stable. That 1tsp dropper is a life saver when doing up or down.

    I still am unsure why plant B has got such a beautiful green to it as to where my plant A is getting more yellow than it was yesterday.

    They both have 10 tsp of Floura Duo part B and 5 tsp of Floura Duo part A. Which part A is the Nitrogen but I just switched them to flower yesterday so I shouldn't be getting a N deficiency this early on.

    I need to add some fresh water to my res so I may add four or five tsp of part A. Then wing it down from there until my end flush before harvest.

    That being said please feel free to Sub and join me as this is my first grow and could always use the advice. Beginners too you guys may know something I don't. Corrective criticism is welcome.
  17. Okay just filled my buckets back up I did not add any nutrients to plants A or B just added fresh rainwater and then adjusted pH.

    My ppm was at almost 800 on both but plant A after topping off was at 485 ppm and plant B was at 562.

    My question is should I add more nutrients or wait until I change out the buckets water then get my ppm back to 900, or should I shoot for a higher ppm? Today is flower day 2.
  18. This is A and B as of today.

    I put a regular size fold up chair next to it so you can get an idea of its size.
  19. Plant C was doing well. I found some scotch tape and taped up its boo boo. I also topped it's reservoir off with rain water and added 4tsp of Floura Duo part A. Now it's running 10tsp of part A and 4 tsp of part B. It's at 700 ppm got stoned forgot picture will post one in a few minutes.
  20. Okay went out today checked pH on plants A,B, and C got them all between 5.9 and 6.2.

    Plants A and B I gave 4 more tsp of part B and 2tsp of part A. They are now running 14 tsp of B and 7tsp of A. I checked the ppm and it's at 775 and 778. Of course I did the pH last.


    Plant C is doing well pH at 6.2 and ppm at 670.

    Please sub up and follow along for the ride.

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