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  1. Hey guys what's up! I'm probably 18-22 days in veg, running a 1000 watt LED (actual 300 watt). 50 / 50 Perlite and fox farm soil.

    I'm growing a dutch auto and pineapple express auto. The pineapple is the bigger one.

    Feel free to subscribe to my quick little grow and all opinions / comments are welcome.

    Just by the way I know my temp is pretty high and the humidity is kinda low. I've got something to control both before flowering starts! :)

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  2. They're looking good so far. I'll tag along. :thumbsup:
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  3. I just started the same type grow about 10 days ago. I'll watch yours as well.
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  4. Title should be 2 girls one tent lol
  5. Damn it! Can a mod please change this if they'd be so kind? This type of opportunity can't go wasted..
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  6. On the PERLITE!!! Way to go! Now as long as u feed and oh right u should be a happy camper! Do u use Mykos when u plant! That and Fab pots made a huge difference in my yields

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  7. Perlite/fabric bags/autos, two is nice, especially a young one and an old one
    yeah that looks like good clean fun

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