2 are doing great and the rest...not so much

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  1. Hello,

    SWIM has a closet grow with 7 bag seed plants. This is SWIM first grow in a while. They have been vegging for 6 weeks and two of them are 25" tall and looking great. New growth all over and ready to flower. The other 5 however are about 12" max with limited growth. SWIM is moving in 2 or less months and want to make sure they are done and dried.

    Has this ever happened to anyone before? SWIM did use two different types of soil but it was split 3 one type and 4 the other. And one of the three in the first soil is just as puny as the rest.

    SWIM was thinking of killing at least 2-3 of them to give more light to the rest and let them prosper and hope the two healthy monsters are females. SWIM is not really expecting much here just trying to get some experience and at least some what of a harvest.

    SWIM Thanks you for your advice. :smoke:
  2. Do you know any other reasons why this might have happened? If it is a problem, you should try to identify the root cause and solve it.

    One other thing is if you only have 2 months to flower and dry, how long do you expect to flower?? 6-7 weeks? I like to flower at least 8 weeks if I can but that would leave no time for drying.

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