2 accused of posing boy with pot pipe

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by AmsterdamdreamN, Apr 30, 2004.

  1. 2 accused of posing boy with pot pipe
    Police: Store lab alerted authorities to photographs
    The Courier-Journal
    John R. Gray, 20, and Elizabeth Lyvers, 24, of Bardstown, were arrested earlier this week on suspicion of posing a toddler with a pot pipe for photographs.

    A Bardstown man and woman have been arrested on suspicion of posing a toddler with a pot pipe for photographs.

    John R. Gray, 20, and Elizabeth Lyvers, 24, were arrested after an employee at a photo laboratory saw the pictures processed from film that the pair had dropped off, police said.

    "This doesn't happen very often," said Bardstown Police Chief Charles David Marksbury. "Most people are smart enough to not take film like this to have it developed at a grocery store."

    The photographs appeared to show Lyvers' son, who is about 3, smoking marijuana from a water pipe, authorities said.

    Police said that the couple maintain that the water pipe did not contain pot when the photos were taken and that the boy did not actually smoke any.

    Gray and Lyvers remained in jail yesterday on charges of unlawful transaction with a minor in the first degree, a felony, Marksbury said.

    Social service workers took the boy, who police said is Lyvers' son, and another child about 1 year old who is the couple's child, Marksbury said.

    Police searched the couple's home Sunday after the Kroger photo lab in Bardstown turned over the film and provided police with an address, Marksbury said.

    Police found marijuana and a pipe in the house, he said.

    Gray and Lyvers were arrested Sunday, Nelson County Jailer Dorcas Figg said. They were arraigned Tuesday.

    The couple's lawyer, public defender Paula Pace, said Kentucky law appears to require the presence of a drug other than marijuana to support a charge of unlawful transaction with a minor in the first degree, but she said she is still reviewing the case.

    Unlawful transaction with a minor in the second degree can involve a wider array of illegal activities, according to the Kentucky Penal Code.

    Mike Jennings, spokesman for the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services, said child welfare officials cannot comment on where the children have been placed.

    Police also charged Gray with one count of marijuana possession and one count of possession of drug paraphernalia, Marksbury said.

    Figg said Gray's bond was set at $7,500, and Lyvers' bond was set at $2,500.

    Lyvers and Gray are scheduled to appear in Nelson District Court on Tuesday for a preliminary hearing, a court clerk said yesterday.
  2. l carn,t help but think these people would do shit like this without marijuanna.Just plain idiots.
  3. anyone know where i can get some of those photos? sounds hilarious!
  4. Man, parents can be really stupid.

    Like that couple that saw a bear on their campground. They smeared honey and peanut butter all over their 8 year old son's face so they could get a picture of the bear licking it off. Surprisingly, no action was taken, but they were kicked out of Yellowstone park...
  5. Why would they even have a child, sounds like scum will be raising that child.
  6. Am I the only one who doesn't think this is such a big deal? A kid got his picture taken, with a bong in his hand... wow big deal. What if he had a beer in his hand? I doubt it would even be on the web news.
  7. Naw I was about to say the same thing...

    you guys getting all bent out of shape claiming they give potheads a bad name...come the fuck on!

    I think the kids being hauled away by strangers is a hell of a lot worse then their parents posing them with a water pipe...

    It's no different then the kid holding a glass in terms of danger and kids like to grab at stuff at that age be it a sippy cup or a table leg its just natural to explore the world around you

    But yes these parents were damn stupid for developing the photos ...ever heard of digital guys? Then again the stupid person who reported it has some seriously fucked up karma coming their way for messing up this poor kids life...
  8. I agree with some of these guys, I have seen pictures of people posing there kids with beer bottles. People laugh and say 'haha thats cute'. How is that any different than putting a bong in his hand and pretending he is smoking it?

    I do not condone either, but fucking hell, do they deserve to have their children taken away from them? Do you think they are horrible parents because of this? If the kids are being treated good, they eat well, and they are taken away simple because of this, I think it is rediculous. Chances are they won't be able to see their children for months.

  9. hahahahahaha that sounds fukkin hilarious wen did that happen?
  10. if the kid didnt smoke the weed then i dont see what the big deal is.

    like others said, people take pics of their children "drinking" all the time and nothing happens.

    if i let my niece hold my pipe and tell her to pretend shes smoking...imma go to jail?! thats fucking stupid.
  11. I totally agree man. I have pictures of me and friends drinking and with a bong and all that shit. Just because you have a picture of you WITH somthing doesn't mean your doing it at that moment. I think people need to wise up, they aren't going to let their little kid smoke pot, if they are any type of parents they would at least wait untill high school ;).

  12. lol ^ exactly

    check my Watson thread...shes 15 and 'drinking' but she is clearly not drinking the liquid in the bottle at the moment the shutter clicked

    then again if they could do all this over a bong to the kids lips if she wasn't famous they'd probably lock her parents up cuz she isn't 16 yet (legal age to be served alcohol w/ food in the UK)

    damn double standards... I found this tho.. the parents look like retards

  13. a picture would be funny, but that's really really stupid.
  14. Hee, this reminds me of my baby neice. Well... she's six now, but this story took place when she was about...3.

    WE were playing in the back yard, and she was being a typical hyper toddler, and i was tired, so I told her I was sick, I couldn't play with her. She pats me on the head and says "You need some of momma's GREEN MEDICINE" and toddles off. My friend and I exchange "WTF?" looks... as my niece returns with two handfuls of grassclippings off the compost.

    I told my sister about the story, and she recalled a time when the child grabbed a bic pen and said "momma, look! i'm smoking a spliff!" and my sister had to quickly explain that that was for grownups, and to never say those kinds of things around granddad.
  15. this is bullshit. i doubt the fucking parents "made" their two year old son smoke. they just took a funny picture. now taking both kids away from their parents and putting them in the system.

    i believe it said she was almost charged with unlawful transaction with a minor? what the fuck is that? it's her 2 year old son. what transaction was there?

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