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  1. Artist: Jason Stilez (aka xplicitcontent)
    Title: Random Freestyle

    mah lifes so down, everything feels strange//
    buh it duzn't really matter cuz things'll neva change//
    if only dere was a way to find a life tah exchange//
    cuz mah minds in tha mix, always bein rearranged//
    knowin nuthin buh pain, mah hearts being slained//
    im gonna die in vain, not gonna even complain//
    like anyone relli cares, thinkin nuthin buh despair//
    alwayz stay solitaire, i gave up on sayin prayers//
    like it do anything fo me, i gotta disagree//
    i done everythin mah self, buh i alwayz flee//
    buh i can guarantee, mah lifes still in debris//
    gonna rise from tha ashes and be tha numba 1 mcee//
    go on a killin spree, to everyone in tha past//
    if u dont like how i act, yall can kiss mah ass//
    tha time has passed, get ready to be harassed//
    neva gonna stop cuz i got a tanker full of gas//
    created from hate, alwayz fall fo tha bait//
    bein teased from fate, buh imma set tha record strait//
    im waitin fo a mate, buh i neva see a date//
    im stuck wit a trait, neva see a female, dats great//
    oh well, wha tha f'ck, wha can i do//
    everyone say im trippin, buh chall neva hava clue//
    if yall kno mah life, would u want it to be you//
    id ratha say hi to hitler and be a strait up jew//
    over and over again, everyone wanna be mah friend//
    sumone dey can depend on, when dey man have no time to spend//
    or even when they end, mah relationships neva extend//
    so dey start to pretend dey like me, its an on going trend//
    two days later, dey see anotha guy//
    so dey start goin on dem, i dun even get a try//
    buh who was dere when u started to fall and cry//
    and u like him more den me, i gotta ask why//
    is he cute, cuz i kno im ugly as shit//
    or is it dat he gotta ride, sumone to ride wit//
    buh wait a few days till reality hits//
    he can't commit, he cheated, he ain't even legit//
    he say he ain't a playa cuz he won't admit//
    buh u're on a downward spiral till yall being to split/
    and den u learn a lesson, buh u'll soon forget//
    cuz u'll go fo anotha guy, dat chu kno u gonna regret//
    buh dats tha way life goes, its always fast, not slow//
    and yall will neva know, tha difference from a friend and foe//
    all females are hoe, sex can be bought wit doe//
    or even wit show, she'll still go below and blow//
    whoa, oh no, how can females be so low//
    no matter wha dey say, dere tha same and shallow//
    pussy is tha power, and dats how dey get respect//
    bitch i got a hand, go away and ill write chu a check//
    cuz if i had no money, to u i'd be a reject//
    yall want so much, wha tha fuck do yall expect//
    mah lifes a wreck, everythin far from perfect//
    buh if i had sumthin u want, id be a subject//
    well im broke as fuck, dun even have a buck//
    if yall want a ride, den dun test ya luck//
    want some looks, it looks like i got struck//
    by a truck full of shit, doesn't dat suck//
  2. i like it.......Peace out.....Sid

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