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2.8g for $60?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by OuTLaW1986, May 19, 2010.

  1. I was supposed to get an eighth but this guy wanted 75 for it and all I have is 60. So my dealer says he'll give me 2.8g of dank for 60. Should I get it or am I getting ripped off?
  2. Depends on your area. In some areas dank is $20 a gram. But here in ontario i would be like wtf no way. An eight of dank costs around $25-$30
  3. i would want more than 2.8 for 60 even though it was dank
  4. That's over $20/gram! :eek: I don't know what kind of bud this is, but even the dankest of the dank is not worth more than $20/gram in my opinion. $75 for an eighth is also ridiculous, that still puts it at around the same price per gram. Where do you live? I've never heard of prices being that high, you must either have a bad dealer or live in a part of the country where bud is really scarce.
  5. If he is your only option.. And you really want to smoke. Ultimately, you're paying for your enjoyment/happiness. If that 2.8 will give you 60 dollars of happiness, go for it.

    But otherwise, no. I would think "fuck that" and tell him no thanks haha. Prices vary region to region. But that guy's just bustin' heads. Sounds like you're getting weed from my brother haha. It's not worth that. And chances are, that dealer knows it too.
  6. Ew no, call him out on that shit. That should be a 3.5 but it does depend where your at
  7. LMAO You got ripped off homie but i feel ya thats why i got scales now
  8. ask to see the stuff first is ur only option and i dont like doin it any other way rite guys?:confused::smoke:
  9. I live in Chicago. A gram is usually 20 here. But this guy says hes giving me kush, cali medical stuff. If you guys heard the term "dro" we can get an eighth of that for 60, but the cali medical weed usually costs more. How much do you guys get the cali medical stuff for?
  10. $60/Eighth.
  11. hey dude, thats WAAAY too much. I live in wisconsin (where i hear it has the worst prices) and an eigth usually goes for about 55 - 60 here (3.5g). I only ONCE payed 20$ a gram and that was for this strain called Jack Herrer X Blue mystic. It was soo worth it.

    Sorry bro, but if its all thats avalible and its flame, go for it.

    Happy toking :smoke:
  12. No dude. find a new dealer, of try to get him to give you the eighth for 60
  13. $20 a gram is not a friend price, at least not around here.

  14. just because its cali medical stuff doesnt mean its good. yes i am a legal cali medical marijuana patient. at the dispensaries we have grams from $9 all the way to 25 depending on where you go and the quality of weed. the $9 gram weed ive seen is pretty much schwag. i dont buy it. and "dro" isnt a type of weed either. so dont base your buy just because he says its cali medical stuff
  15. Ask him how much for an ounce. Just for shits and giggles. At that rate he is charging 600 dollars an ounce and it sounds like he is going to be making pretty much straight profit since most dealers pay 300-350 an o on top quality. 75 an eighth is absurd. It sounds like this guy doesn't like you/thinks you're retarded/ or sucks at his job and gets terrible prices. He is charging over 20 a gram which is just plain "no".
  16. Your getting ripped off.
  17. No I've had this weed before, its very good stuff but if you're getting 25 for a gram depending on quality then this guy wouldn't be ripping me off right? Since he's asking for 25 a gram that's around 75 for an eighth and what this guy is originally charging me..
  18. i get half ounces for 85 so..... you do the math.

  19. depends if you think its worth it or not. i never buy the 25 a gram stuff i think its crazy to spend that much. i usually buy in 8ths anyways and spend between 35-50 per 8th. its all up to you. prices and quality are different everywhere so it doesnt matter what any of us say. if you want to spend 60 dollars for 2.8 grams then do it. make sure you watch him weigh it out tho

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