2(600w) Sour Double (PO#1)

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  1. So I trashed my last grow due to powdery mildew. Just got my new clones in today! 10 Sour Double clones from Progressive Options clinic. The roots weren't the greatest but hopefully they all stick.

    I'm using Dr. Earth organic soil since it worked sell last time. I potted the clones today in 3gal smart pots and gave each of them 2 cups of 6.5pH RO water. I will be using Heavy 16 nutes.

    Each tent has a 600w HPS that I'm going to use all the way through. Temps on t
    Tent 1 was 71 degrees 60% humidity. Tent 2 was 74 degrees 55% humidity. Will post min/max temps later in the week. Enough talk here's some pix.


    Tent 1

    Tent 2
  2. Well the lights kicked on at 5pm tonight woo! My lights are on from 5pm-11am. Also the clinic I got my clones from gave me a free California Love clone, as a gift so I decided to experiment with it and make a bonsai mother!

    She's sitting under a t5 21w 4 bulb light

    California Love (Bonsai Mother Expierment)

    Here's the guide I'm following on the mother expierment.
  3. Annnnd sub'd!
  4. Ya know I long wanted to grow a plant as an ornamental, and now thanks to that link I just might try my hand at it!
  5. Yeah man! I'm going to be topping the CAlove when it gets there, I'm sure I can try and clone the top and get ya it if it roots!
  6. -UPDATE-

    Checked the mix/max of the tents last night.

    Tent 1 max temp 77F/67%rH, min 62.8F/30%rH.
    Tent 2 roughly the same.

    Also gave both tents some super thrive to help with the transplant. They seem to freaking love it!
  7. Looking good bro...

    Hope all goes well with this grow.

    Must be nice to walk into a clinic and get some decent clones of some dank..

    If only!

  8. Thanks brother!

    You gotta move to Cali! Haha this clinic specializes on only clones, no bud or anything and they have a ton of strains. Definitely where to go if your looking for genetics.
  9. signed in, let's do this big!
  10. -UPDATE-

    So we're on day 8 of veg. tent 2 had 2 runts, which 1 did not make it so instead of making the California Love mother it's getting thrown in! I was able to buy a 600w MH bulb which I'm using in tent 1 for veg. Tent 2 is using a 600w HPS all the way through.

    I watered both tents yesterday with 6.5pH RO water. I also got 2 mini 6 inch clamp on fans. One for each tent. I found my old digi camera so once I take some good pics ill post them up!

    Tent 1 temps are 64F-70F so I lowered the fan speed to make it a little higher. The humidity is 50%

    Tent 2 temps are 74F-85F and 35% humidity. I increased the fan speed to try and get temps a little lower.
  11. Tent 1


    Tent 2


    One of the plants from Tent 1

  12. Nice setup.. along for the ride.. I'm moving to cali soon, can't wait!

  13. Thanks man!

    Hell yeah, Cali is the place to be! What part you planning on moving too?
  14. [quote name='"Tonywax"']

    Thanks man!

    Hell yeah, Cali is the place to be! What part you planning on moving too?[/quote]

    Probley L.A. area at first.. I have a good friend out that way.. but ill probley settle in and getta house in northern cal..
  15. Awesome! I'm in LA aswell :D, we have a really really good clone clinic close by. Ill have to show you when you get down here!
  16. [quote name='"Tonywax"']Awesome! I'm in LA aswell :D, we have a really really good clone clinic close by. Ill have to show you when you get down here![/quote]

    O for sure. Ill let u know when I'm coming.. be easier jus buying some new clones then trying to bring some or starting from seed again..

  17. Definitely, I think this place has like 30+ strains you can get plus a genetic bank of like 100+ that you can get a max of 2 cuts from.
  18. I'm debating on doing some LST or scrog on tent 2, tent 1 I'm debating on topping. I want to see how the different techniques work since its only my 2nd grow :)
  19. Sub'd, cant wait to see how they turn out...
  20. -UPDATE-

    Last night tent 2 was looking pretty dry so I gave all 4 plants about 3 quarts of 6.5pH RO + Superthrive water. Tent 1 soil was still moist.

    Temps are 64 with lights off to 77 lights on in Tent 1.
    Temps are 66 with lights off to 83 lights on in Tent 2.

    Tent 2 gets a little more hot because it has a 4in fan cooling the light instead of a 6in like Tent 1 has. The California Love clone in tent 2 still looks a little droopy and sad, hopefully the super thrive works some magic and it picks back up!

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