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2.6 grams for 40?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by MyBusDriverYells, Aug 31, 2013.

  1. Least I'd take is 2.8 for 30
  2. If its some kush/medical then yes but if It doesnt have any crystals and looks like dro or lower then dont buy it

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  3. Where I live, hell naw. 2.6 gs? You get $26.
  4. No. I get 2 grams of high grade for 30. Mids would get me an 8th. 2.6 would have to be real dank (no leaf) and test out at least 25% THC for me to pay $40
  5. Hell no, especially mids. That's what I would get in hash haha
  6. if you even have to ask then the answer is most likely no.
  7. shit i can get an ounce for 40 no joke
  8. Wordd - even if its the bombest mary jane around , id never pay 40 for 2.6

  9. Im from Ontario Canada , & if a dealer around here was selling stuff for that much, hes the dealer no one would buy from, ive got high grade OG kush right now & ill sell a quarter for 50-60 depends who you are
  10. no dont pay for an 8th unless you get an 8th
  11. 1377906908845.jpg

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  13. That looks so dank. What strain is that?

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  14. I won't lie. If all I could get was your bud and I was feindin for a joint, I'd probably buy it off you for 40. Thank God I live in weed country!
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  15. where I am a g is $20
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  16. Thats high, I wouldn't do it
  17. naaaaaaaaah. I only pay 60$ for a 1/4. That price is crazy high. Higher than you'll probably get from the weed youre buying.
  18. its usually $40 for an 8th and 2gs for 30.  
    so look at it as you are getting what you paid for.  

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