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2,500mg acetaminophen.. oral vs plugging?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by zimba, May 19, 2009.

  1. Hey everyone, I've recently came across 5 10/500 loritabs. I've taken 4 at once before and had no stomach problems what so ever, but I've never taken 2500mg at once. I know I won't die or anything, but I'm too lazy to do a CWE.. so my question comes to:

    Would plugging them be more effective? Less nausea? I've heard that acetaminophen is actually better absorbed rectally then through your stomach. Just lookin for the best buzz with out potentially throwing up! Haha thanks GC'ers.
  2. Why would you WANT the APAP to be better absorbed through your rectum?
  3. You don't want the acetaminophen. Its the hydrocodone you want.

    Lukas is also a ninja
  4. baby, you can put whatever you want in there
  5. It's pretty much just a question of reducing nausea, that's it. Also no matter how gay it sounds, "plugging" pills, which is dissolving them in water and shooting them in your rectum actually produces a stronger feeling vs taking them orally. I just hate shooting things up my ass. Haha :hello:
  6. Don't shoot it up your ass then. Crush it up, put it in a gel cap and go in there up to your second knuckle. Less mess, just as high.
  7. Yes, but if you're going to go the route of dissolving them, why not just do a cold water extraction to get rid of the APAP? I'm not sure about you, but I don't want APAP in my asshole.
  8. lol I know it sounds funny, but it's true.

    If your really have stomach problems and can't perform a CWE, yes, you can shoot it up your pooper and it will help.
  9. Just CWE, it's really NOT hard. It takes the time it would to roll a joint... hoestly.

    Having taken around 2g APAP with codeine, I can tell you it's not worth it.

    Nothing sucks more than nodding while puking.
  10. acetaminophen is horrible!! not only for your stomach lining and liver but it just really isn't that enjoyable either. yeah stick with codene
  11. Just do a CWE, you won't regret it.

  12. dammit barkins, stop getting people to put things up their ass! you already got me to:p
    jk tho(to op if he couldnt tell) listen to barnkins he knows his shit.
    so a CWE on that hoe.
  13. I even get people to rape themselves for me... :confused_2:
  14. my first time on vicoden i did 3gs of apap and was totally fine as far a stomach pain goes.

    the 30mg of hydrocodone on the other hand barely did shit for me which really confused me:confused:
  15. i bet that was pround moment in your life:D i guess theres no evidence for trial in court too!

    also OP or anyone else, if you try the extraction where you get hydro to powder let me know i want to try this.
  16. Hahaha

    *Oh man that hella chronic guy totally just put shit up his ass*

    How'd you enjoy the high though?
  17. its all around better high ime, i would defantly favor it over other ways of administration.
  18. apap dosnt belong there bro:confused:
  19. Doing a CWE is part of any good plugging process...

    Your willing to shove 5 pills up your asshole, but you're too lazy to stir powder into water? Anyone else think this is irational?
  20. :hello::hello:
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