2.5 Cu. Ft. - 5 kg Compressed Coco Block ?

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  1. How may 3gal containers will an expanded 2.5 Cu. Ft.(5 kg) Coco Block fill?

    thanks, and peace to you all
  2. That one expends to 16 gallons of raw coco coir. Hope that helps you determine things. Not sure what amendments/perlite or whatever you might be using with it.
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    Thank you for your post:

    any critiques on the fallowing greatly appreciated.

    im planning on-

    65% coco
    20% perlite
    15% worm castings
    tbs lime

    feeding with bat guano - "Dr. Souls" recipe, i will be also adding a drop or 2 of superthrive.
    baby plants will be fed with Maxicrop Liquid Seaweed + a drop of superthrive

    (copied and pasted)

    Veg mix:
    1part Peruvian Seabird Guano (PSG)
    1part High N Bat Guano
    1part Earth Worm Castings(EWC)

    @ 1cup mix/5G H2O every 3rd watering.


    Flowering nute mix:

    1part PSG
    1part EWC
    1part High P Guano

    @ 2cups/5G H2O EVERY watering.

    1cup EWC/5G H2O every 3rd watering

    Soul uses a "Tea Bag" and lets it sit in 5 gallons of water overnight.
  4. Interesting mixes. The PSG would be my one alarm bell but we used it in veg as an amendment and it burnt the shit out of the test subject however using as a tea is a different kind of thing. I'll tune in a watch that one, sounds like a great plan to me. :D
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    i wont have to feed much during veg, especially early on with the castings pre-mixed.

    this summer (outdoor crop) i used a 1/3 coco, 1/3 castings, and 1/3 potting soil. i never fed at all during veg, just a few drops of superthrive added to a gallon of water per plant.

    i used straight up tap water, and never took 1 ph reading, i used shultz african violet bloom food during early bloom, switched to miracle grow bloom booster for the last month, then just went molasses for the last 2 weeks.

    during the entire outdoor grow of 2010 i never seen 1 burnt leaf, they were all the most beautiful plants ive ever grown (and ive been an outdoorsman for 30 years).

    the only thing i did different this year, than i have in the past few years was to add coco to my soil mix. this was the driest summer (all-time record drought) we've ever had. im 100% convinced the coco not only saved me a few trips to water, but it also was a huge factor in the health of my plants.

    im still in the planning stages of my indoor (attempt). but after seeing what coco can do for plants in day after day of extremely high heat, im sold on the stuff.

    also, once i get a couple grows under my belt, im going to do a private nute competition. it will be 12 plants (3ea) fed with 4 different nute products. all sharing optimal and outer-edge lighting. i will be using the most expensive nutes money can buy for 3, a high quality variety for 3, an average priced nute for 3, and some cheap-ass crap for the last 3.

    long story short, i use the bottom of the barrel crap for my outdoor, and i do quite well. im curios to see just how much better the designer nutes are compared to the ghetto fabulous stuff.

    Peace to you and yours ... Wp

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