2.4m2 grow space to utilize... Suggestions?

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  1. Got a 2.4m2 tent to fill. 2m height. Have a small mother tent separate. How best to maximise the space? Thinking a scrog? 3 600's? Coco? Full hydro? Any suggestions welcome guys
  2. I grow in an upright rubbermaid. LST worked wonders for me. I went a soilless drain to waste setup using 3 parts Pro-mix HP, 1 part Pro-mix perlite, and 1 part CilPlus! Earthworm Castings 1-1-1.

    I use a grow bag and use the General Hydroponic Flora series of nutes and my plant has been going great.

    I use CFL's in my box due to heat issues involving other lights and the cost of LED. If you can setup a screen and do ScrOG I think that would be your best bet.
  3. That's cool never dreamed of growing in that space. Just had to google a Rubbermaid lol 30gallon type thing? Yeh you'd definitely need to heavy lst. How much CFL watts you have going on in there? Is this a grow you do regular?

    I use cfls first couple weeks to avoid heat stress and can get the lights right down, usually 2 x 300w blue. Then use mh for a bit then hps for final couple weeks of veg. I'm thinking scrog would be good never done a scrog though so no idea of how many in that area. 4 and veg for 8-10? 6 and veg for less? is 3 x 600w in cool hoods over kill for a 4 plant scrog filling the whole 2.4m2 area... this is the bit im lost actually... would be nice to get other peoples views on how to tackle a scrog in this big space...
  4. Yeah, it's going great. Check out the link in my signature and you can see my grow journal. I have 4 23w 1600Lumen cfls. I only grow one plant in it so it work fairly well. I use 3 6500k and 1 2700k CFLs for veg and 3 2700k and 1 6500k CFL for Flower. Total lumen output is 6400 from the lights specs. I get around 4.5K lumens at canopy level that I checked with a light meter. Only issue I have is temperatures which can sometimes hit 90F in my grow box during a heat wave. but I manage to usually keep it at 50%RH and 77F at night and 80-83F lights on.

    As for your questions, Just setup a screen a little lower than halfway between your lights and the top of your pots and just train the growths using the screen. 3x600W is a little overkill for 4 plants and that space if using MH or HPS. One 600W Light will be perfect for that much, and if it's a little low on light you can just supplement a couple CFLs with a reflector in there. If you look up ScrOG grows on the forums you'll see plenty of ideas for how to do it. The only issue with ScrOG is that you have to flower in the same are as the veg because you can't move it.

    A good thing to do with ScrOG is to train the plants using the screen so you get an even level canopy and then trimming everything below the screen. This allows the plant to focus on the main canopy creating fatter more potent buds and gets rid of the leaves and lower budsites and shoots that don't get light and just basically suck up the plants resources
  5. Got a 2.4m2 tent to fill. 2m height.

    Or about 8x6 feet 2x 1Kw lights or 3 x600w hps lights is good

    more watts is more on venting that adds to the bill

    good luck
  6. cheers for the advice man. yeh i'm aware of how a scrog works just unsure of filling a screen that size with plant numbers/veg time. im thinking 4-6 plants with a veg time of 8-10 weeks no idea really..... anyone any ideas of number of plants to fill a scrog in 8-10 week veg. im not time restricted just would like to have an idea before i begin. any input will be taken into consideration people.
  7. yeh i think i'd prefer the 3 600's but also thought about 2 x 80cm vertical parabolics as ive heard these are good for heat dispersion. ive got 2 powerplant cool hoods atm so maybe easier to just buy a 3rd unless parabolics really are the shit. vostok have you any experience with scrogs? any idea of plants/veg time in that area? planning a wall to wall scrog or tossing the idea i may have enough space for a half decent perpetual. siding towards a scrog tho. as for venting i'd have a 12" and 8" rvk on variacs dialled down, mainly for noise control. cheers for the input man!
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