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2-4 month t break

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by itsofficial, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. Whats up everyone, so the longest break I've taken in the last few years has been maybe 2 weeks, which was a couple months ago. I got rid of a lot of my smoking stuff, but kept some. The first few days were rough, it got easier but ended up coming back to mary jane. Anyone who's gone on a break this long did you get rid of everything smoking related you owned(pipes, lighters, grinder)?
    Any tips are appreciated. This break is more for myself and being proactive/outgoing than anything else. I do have a few hobbies I can get a little more serious about.
    It sucks I wish I could smoke once or twice a week, but it eventually turns into everyday.
    Thanks for reading

  2. currently 5 months in, first couple months are hard because of a habit and lack of appetite.... generally just exercise a lot and focus all your time on a hobby... still kept all my accessories, sentimental value i guess 
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    I think you should take up a hobby , Like growing Cannabis.
    I don't get high, been clean 7 months but grow the fuck out of the herb.
  4. Ok thanks for the replies, exactly the reason I didn't get rid of everything the first time. I will just have to put it somewhere safe for a reunion down the road.
    If growing was an option right now I'd probably take it up. Done it before it was a lot of fun
  5. I personally avoid having the weed around me. If I just focus on my everyday life (college work hobbies) I'm fine, but as soon as I got some weed in my pocket my brain is like ''I gotta smoke it'', and I won't stop until everything is gone. I just smoked 10.5g in like a week after taking a 5 month break, I could go for a year or more but somehow I just end up getting my hands on some. 
    I really wanna ask you what type of weed you are smoking, because I remember having the same problem as you when I smoke indica strains, but I never ever came close to that when I used to smoke sativas back in 2009 (now everybody here smokes indica so that's the dominant strain). I think sativa tends to satisfy your addiction more because of its psychological and energetic high, whereas Indica will leave you begging for more (not as high in THC as sativa, according to a detailed post I saw on this forum).
  6. Thats how it works for me. Even when its gone I'll make resin and kief from a grinder last a couple days, thats why I thought about getting rid of all my smoking stuff.
    I'd say most have been indica dominant(including my current 70/30), maybe not strong sativa strains but I've had some here and there. Thats interesting, I'm trying to think of scenarios... I wish I could test it out sooner than later, but when I'm done with my current stash it'll be the start of my break.
  7. parcel up your accesories put them away,,,if u focus on your training and reading etc u truly wont wish to mess up your progeess with cigs weed booze or whatever....the best way ive found is to be in nature and be in your body, movement and creativity will increase...theres some herbal things u can smoke if u get a hankering like vanilla cigarettes from the health food store.....also if u can handle using a vaporizer every few days its not bad, u only need a tiny hit also and ur lungs will thank you and u wont be so couchlocked toasted roasted brosef....ur also gonna wanna avoid any chronic daily smokers eh and places u used to get very high etc

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