(2) 300w LED....lux....seedlings

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  1. Download free app to measure the light and was curious what it should read for seedlings. I checked mine and it read about 550lux with lights 30” from seedlings.
  2. It probably means 5500 lux and that would be ok for seedlings. Its about 80ppfd .
    Take your lux value and divide by 68 to get an estimated ppfd value Screenshot_20190719-213118_Chrome.jpg
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  3. Here are the lux ranges to shoot for during each stage. I could never find a free Lux Meter App that would read over 20k or 30k. I bought a Dr. Meter Light Meter per Tbone's suggestion and I am glad that I did. Its a lot better being able to hit the exact #'s rather than guessing or lowering your lights until your plants tell you to stop....lol.[​IMG]

    Hubbabubbasmelloscope Quantum Board Grow
  4. Thanks for the info
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  5. Perfect thanks for the info, just ordered me one. Trying to get this grow on point

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