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    Whats good! Im posted in a 1 bedroom apartment, strongly considering a small little operation in my closet for a nice amount of personal buds. I know a little bit about the subject already (ie. lighting to an extent, soil, closet setup, etc), but would like some second opinions as I have heard some contradicting things on other websites.

    AS OF NOW: I plan on making a soil mix (w/ correct added ingredients, check pH level, etc), starting the process with Cfl lights, switching to maybe a lower-watt MH for veg, and a HPS for flowering. Have somewhat of an idea as to how to structure the closet/setup.

    Because these are personal, I want to make them as PRIME and DANK as they can possibly be, but keeping the setup as simple possible without effecting the quality of buds. I'm not too worried about material costs.

    A bunch of the seeds I have are blueberry and purple-strains if that makes any difference.

    Anything will be helpful, I just want to have a set idea of what this is looking like for optimal crop. I have read grow tutorials and such, but none of them seem to answer everything I want to know; I'd rather hear it straight from some people who know what they're talking about!

  2. anybody?
  3. Sup bud.

    Biggest problem with closet grows? Temperature and fresh air. Will your closet doors be open to allow constant fresh air? You will quickly find that the temperatures will SKYROCKET with a HPS or MH in there without fully adequate ventilation. CFLs in closets are usually the safest option for temps and humidity.

    Do you have any planning for ventilation?
  4. I'd have to suggest you start by asking a few more specific questions if you are looking for some input.

    Another option that might even be better is if you start by reading some of the grow logs on this site by people who are doing something like what you want to do. You can learn from what they did right, and avoid what they did wrong. At a minimum, it will give you a better idea of where you still need some help.
  5. Heartbeating hit it right on the head. High temps will be a problem without adequate ventilation, especially with HPS/MH. You can certainly have a good quality small grow using just CFLs, and it will help lower your temps. For 2-3 plants, use 8-10 CFLs, in the correct spectrum. If it won't be a problem, you can keep the closet door open to allow for fresh air, and run a couple of small fans to keep fresh air moving around. You may need to make some adjustments as you go, depending on your conditions.
  6. lol i think im just tryring to figure out everything at once and probably have too many questions to just post them all randomly here, if someone would PM me and would be willing to help out that would be awesome. but i should probably just take everything as it comes and learn progressively. Anyways, it is a large closet, 8-10 feet wide, 3 feet or so back, and about 7 feet high. doors fold out to the side and take up almost entire width of closet. got a ceiling fan wall AC unit in the room, and a couple of other small fans I could put in/around the area for more air flow, so I think I could keep the room fairly cool.

    I am thinking about making a 6 or 7 foot tall box that would just squeeze in the side corner, and could just leave the left-side door open for colder AC air and celing fan air to rotate around, with maybe a fan coming in from the side of the box as well. That sound supportive of MH and hps? I'm just trying to avoild cfl's at all costs, I don't know I have read so much about how quality and crop size will just not be the same as with the others
  7. I would recomend doing what i did.....its a closet gorw, also in a one bedroom apt. (link in my signature)

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