2/3 days from harvest

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by DuqueMisterio, May 2, 2002.

  1. close to harvest, this is how the only one survivor looks like:

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  2. and...

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  3. shes out for a sun bath

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  4. she loves it!

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  5. too bad this is the only one that made it this time! im ready for more now, i hope!

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  6. maddest plant ever!!!!!!!!!
    is there any technique for getting bud just on the body?or is it just that type of plant and its growing conditions?
  7. we did not top it, so she had one single stem, and we trimed most of the branches, so what we have is one big bud and a few little ones. but the yield is still great!
  8. I could not agree more.....hope it tastes well.....peace

  9. friday night i got into a car accident, and me and my buddy (garden buddies) got hurt. he looks better, no big injury, but i got a broken nose that needs surgery repair, and cant move my left arm very well. so, as for the harvest pics, i think i only will be posting when the buds are dry since i wont be leaving my place for a little while. so, all of you: be careful out there driving!

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