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2 150 watt hps or 1 250 watt hps

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by TakeABongToke, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. which should i use im thinking 2 150 watt hps for a couple reasons better coverage and its 16000 lumens each and the 250 watt hps has 33000 lumens but if i seperated the 2 150 about a foot from each other should i have better coverage please tell me what you think ill be buying it around the end of the month need help
  2. Get the 250w. It will be easier to maintain and cool. Also, 1000 more lumens for 50 watts less. Cheaper to buy 1 bulb and ballast/hood for 250w or are the 2 150w cheaper?
  3. It depends on how much space you have and how many plants you plan to grow.
  4. same price mabye 10 dollar differnce both fully assemled and ready with reflecter ballast bulb and every thing and i am mooving so idk what my grow space is but im thinking of buying a grow tent to if theres no closet
  5. Alright, I'd still go with the 250w only cause it'd be easier to deal with 1 light and ballast.
  6. Is the 250 external ballast? Two 150 enclosed ballast may get hot.
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    I use 2 150 watters because i have more control where to adjust lights.. 150w's dont get very hot and dont have heat from an external ballast to deal with.. Plus, the 2 light setup seems to help with keeping and even canopy without a lot of training..

    If a bulb goes out in one, no problem.. The other buys me time to get a replacement..

    Seems like i get good effeciency from 2 x 150 watt hps..

    My grow - http://forum.grasscity.com/indoor-growing/640151-2-x-150w-hps-closet-red-hair-skunk.html

    Power of 2 x 150w HPS - http://forum.grasscity.com/6950500-post1.html
  8. I dunno. I disagree. You still have the ballast they're just inside the hood with the 150w and the bulb. The hole point of having an external ballast is that you can have the ballast outside of the grow area so it doesn't cause heat in your grow area. Not to mention their light footprint is kinda small. I'd go with the 250w HPS. Unless you can get a cooltube where you can put both 150w bulbs inside of it and your lights at an extremely close range.

    Just my thought.
  9. go with 250 cause it = more lumens, and less heat. You can get a good reflector to even out the light.
  10. but its a 1000 lumen differnce thats less than a cfl and the 2 150 more area and the area it covers is stronger and on my grow im putting 8 cfls in there to for side lighting and the cfls would have about 15000 lumens so id ahave aroud 45000 = 50000 lumens
  11. Would choose 1 250 w hps simply as easier setting and more lumens.
  12. I'm going to order some HPS equipment soon, but i'm confused as can be about the ballast kits. I'm looking HERE
    I;m looking at the 150w ballast kits as i already have 2 bulbs (bought them a long time ago...i'm dumb :)) The higher wattage bulbs say "multi-tap" on them. would this mean that I would be able to run both bulbs on a single 400w ballast?

    with these kits, would i have to buy electrical cords? i'm comfortable with soldering and attaching wires, but i'd hate to have to source cords separately for sake of ease and for overall safety.
  13. i think you are making it more complicated than needed....just get a digital ballast so you can run HPS and if you choose MH down the road...As long as you have a 250watt ballast it will be safe to power up your 250watt lights...maybe i didnt understand your post...take a look at some of the grow setups on the forum for more details about what works for different people...I have a 150 watt and i agree the heat for what it produces is not great...too much heat in your growspace will be a habitual problem with 2 150 watts unless you are great at ventilation and have A/C...i guess it depends on your situation...great job for considering the upgrade to HPS :hello::hello::hello::hello::hello:
  14. i decided to get a 400 watt hps and im an experienced grower i was just thinking mabye i coulcd get the same coverage with 2 150 instead of a 400 and the 150 reflectors are made for a wider spread of light
  15. I have a 600 watt and I have to leave my fan on 400 cfm which is the max to keep the temps down to the 77 to 80 degrees range and I am in a 4x4 tent...I was considering getting a 400 for my veg tent but have opted for the 250 as it produces less heat. Temp , humidity, watering and nutrients and last but not least do I want the best smoke I can grow. I like the way my plants vegged under the 600 watt light so I am sure that the 250 will be fine. More watts equal more heat..Heat is the enemy of a tent grower...

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