2.13 gr/Watt Amazing result (Royal Gorilla + Bruce Banner )

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    This had been such an amazing Run i wanted to share this with you.

    if you want to see the whole diary you can check it here
    Bruce Banner #3 , Royal Gorilla grow journal by Bluesbreeder - GrowDiaries

    Here are all the details you should need.

    total time of Grow 20 weeks
    5 Weeks veg
    15 weeks flowerering

    tent 80/80/180 cm

    light 2 x 135W Quantum Boards V1

    Coco coir with 30% perlite

    4 x 15 liter Smart pots

    technique Topping + Budswelling

    and here are the results of this amazing grow .

    Royal Gorilla 1 = 427 gr wet weight

    Royal Gorilla 2 = 636 gr wet weight

    total 1063 gr wet weight

    Bruce Banner 1 = 757 gr wet weight

    Bruce Banner 2 = 764 gr wet weight

    Totaal 1521 gr wet weight

    total all plants 2584 gr wet weight

    after 6 days of drying before curing:

    Bruce Banner 1 = 172 gr Dry weight

    Bruce Banner 2 = 173 gr Dry weight

    Totaal 345 gr Dry weight

    Royal Gorilla 1 = 98 gr dry weight

    Royal gorilla 2 = 134 gr dry weight

    totaal dry weight 232 gr

    total 577gr dry weight of 2 Bruce Banner + 2 Royal Gorilla

    2,13 gramms per Watt Amazing i think i'm dreaming :) if i had planted 4 Bruce Banner i might had gotten 2,5 gr/watt without using CO2

    time spend is about 10 min a day watering the plants.
    1 time a week making the feeding water for 1 week . 30 min a week.
    3 times in grow i did some defoliation about 30 min each time.
    1 time budswelling ( pinching all the buds ) 60 min
    cutting plants and trim the buds 5 hours.
    finaly putting them in jars for curing 90 min

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  2. Only question unanswered is your total time invested.
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  3. Very nice, good job man
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  4. WhoA! Impressed here
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  5. Well not much i must say about 10 min a day.
    i will think about it and put it in my original post!
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  6. tried to put the time spend in the post also.
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  7. don't know if your allowed to put link in this forum but my diaries are all on Grow Diaries in full detail. under the same name i'm using here.
  8. Appreciate your edit, but was curious about time from seed to chop (split into veg/ flower if poss)
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  9. sorry got it all wrong hahaha
    total time of Grow 20 weeks
    5 Weeks veg
    15 weeks flowering
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  10. Great job anyway bro, well done
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  11. thanks man i'm rerally happy with the result! never thought i would get this much with my setup
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  12. that's an awesomely good result there, fantastic!
    I have the same sized space with a new HLG 260 v2 and managed about 400grams
    I think it was the light that made the difference in yield.Now i need to get better genetics.
    about 15 mins each day to mix nutes and feed but then there is the just sitting there time being pleased that finally you have really nice colas at last.
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  13. well since i bought the lights my yields have been amazing. i'm still surprised with this one it really was over the top. but i always had +400 since i switched the lights . and then some topping and training off course.
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