2 1/2' Double Perc Bong with Inline Ashcatcher

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    Picked up the tube for 110$ and the downstem/ashcatcher/bowl combo for 180$. Everything is diffused.


  2. That's pretty neat, nice price.
  3. hahaha yeah its hits sooooooo smooth :) definetly worth the money
  4. You say 180 hmmm? Nice piece. :bongin:
  5. The ashcatcher alone was originally 150$ and the bowl was 40$ i think, downstem 15-20$ but yeah all together it was 180.
  6. That is a piece of arm man. nice pick up
  7. The ashcatcher is so nice when in person. the pics dont do it justice.
  8. lol that should be your catchphrase :hello:
  9. Nice pickup sir. Milk it asap!
  10. great deal man, where di du pick it up @ !! nice a/c

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