1x Romulan 4x Purple Kush 1st grow

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    welcome to my first grow. enjoy
    so as of right now my germinated seeds are sitting in soil ( pictures coming soon) i understand they dont need much or really any light at this point but i have been running my lights past 24 hours to get an idea of temperature control and what im in store for. my main battle in the next couple months will be temperature with summer coming and me in the addict. ive got an intake outake coming from a window bringing in fresh air and small-medium house fan blowing a lil extra in there (tent).
    im running 400w mh + 55watt cfl for veg and 400w hps + 26 watt cfl for flowering. 
    i will be adding pictures soon with the next update when my seeds sprout out of the soil. thanks for reading and any help. PEACE

  2. ite so the first bitta green to pop is coming from pk #1 having high hopes for her. still waiting to see from the other girls. seeds have been in soil going on 4 days now. hoping the romulan joins the party soon excited for her. anyways here some pics https://www.dropbox.com/sc/mgi4hve6651f4ac/EiItOliN-D
  3. Didn't see the pics but good luck. Sometime attic grows can be a bit tricky due to hear and humidity.
  4. thanks xanderjd and yea im managing to keep the majority of my lights on time in the 22-30 degrees range. they sometime spend an hour or so in 31-32. thats with pretty good ventilation. needless to say im need an a/c soon
    Yup, I agree. My room was running at first with just the ventilation, but I hooked up the a/c as soon as it was getting over 30C during the day. Now it's 27C at the hottest.
  6. Yea thats pretty hot bro wats ur light setup I only seen the 1

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  7. Aww shit I see 400 how big is ur space and what genes u got

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    atm im running a suspended 400w mh with a reflector and 55w cfl in the lamp. going to reposition the cfl soon tho.  right now i got the 400 sitting highest point probably 5 3/4 - 6 foot. going to lower soon. only one seeds came out the soil so far. and she seems to be doing al right.
    a meter squared by like 6 feet. got five 7 gallon filled half way. plan on harvesting round 4 - 4.5 feet
     4 purple kush from kingcrop seeds and 1 romulan from idk who. all feminized
  9. hows the a/c on power? im also trying to keep usage down so if any1 got some cheap made up tricks for temps im all ears on suggestions lol
    I honestly don't know how much power my a/c is using. It only kicks on when the temp hits 25C or hotter, and with that setting, it doesn't get hotter than 27C. I would guess I am probably using quite a bit of power for the a/c, but without it, I would have a bunch of dying plants.
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