1St Week Of Flower (Nirvana) (Wonderwoman, Bluemystic)

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  1. Whats up m8ts!
    So my girls will be 1 week into flowering this sunday, i decided to snag some pics with the HPS off so you guys can critique! Please keep in mind that this is my first time and im learning as i go. I chose to go all organic since i didn't want to have to worry about my pH which can be a pain in the butt sometimes.
    They are under a 400w HPS+160w flouros, vegged for 4 weeks and 4 days under a 400w MH+160w flouros. I LST'd them since early stages and topped them twice. 
    What do you guys think?


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  2. Oh, 
    From left to right, we have....
    BM1, WW1, BM2, WW2
  3. very nice plants man! keep it up
    Thanks man, you were very helpful! 
  5. smokin that ivory
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  6. ''ohhhweeee! Ivory! how much you've grown!''
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  7. OHHHHHWEEEEEEEEEEEE IVORY! i didnt know you could stink this bad! damn girl!
  8. Very nice, I actually just got done posting about how those are 2 of the 4 strains i have ordered from Nirvana. Seeing your pictures made me super excited to get my grow going! I do think that your cage is a bit low for SCROG, you have to realize that your plants are gonna grow 2/3 more in size, so having them just laying on the pots like that is gonna suffocate them. I would raise the cage off the pots. 
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    The cage isnt laying on the pots. Its a good 3" from the pot, and well, being my first time i dint fill up my pots with soil and the soil line is a good 4" down from the rim, so that makes it a rough 7-8" from the soil to the cage. Everywhere i've read it says to place the cage 6" from the soil? I would like to get some more input on this, maybe i can make the cage a little higher?
  10. I also have the pots sitting in 4" thick stones, just so when i water them under the cage i can clean the runoff better. If not i wouldnt even be able to scrog.
  11. o OK, i didn't see all that from the pictures... yeah 7-8 inches should be fine. Like i said you are the best judge. look at ur plants now and imagine them 2/3 bigger and ask yourself if that's enough room. Because realistically that is how much growth you will have. Keep the pics updated too i'm very interested in how your grow progresses.
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    They're sleeping right now, tomorrow ill for sure out the cage a little further. Maybe I can tak the stones off the pots for more clearance. They have been getting bushy as shit, hopefully they start stretching a bit. I'm talking like 7-8 tips per plant(4) in a 12sqft area.
  13. Sounds good  :smoking:
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  14. Ok so I woke up today and took a peak in my veg box before I worked in my garden and I come to find this.....

    This is another blue mystic which I had plans to keep as mother, anyone know why it woke up like this today? What should I do to bring it back to life?

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  15. Just watered it a bit, hopefully she comes back. Looks to me like lack of water/ventilation.
  16. And shes back after a nice watering and some sun rays  :bongin:
  17. Really? Uusally when leaves droop like that means the plant is over-watered... the sunlight probably helped
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    She wasn't watered for around 4-5 days. I guess it was that, hopefully it isnt the ventilation in there.
  19. I took the cage off them today, i had issues watering them. I don't want to go through the hassle i went through to water them, so i wont be scrogging them. Either way since i LST/topped them early they have quite some tips coming up on them.
  20. I have never personally scroged my own grow. I find LST and topping them does wonders. SCROG is usually for peopole who lack growing space and would like to yield more in the space provided. 
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