1st week flower water/feeding schedule?

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  1. Hey guys, ive been trying to calculate how much water my plants should receive at this stage in there life.
    They are about 7ft from tip to trunk, growing in a 2ft pot. With precise watering coming from a shower ring shown below, how much water should i be giving them in a 24 hour period.
    Also, what time/s of day? Thank you.
    20190812_111416.jpg 20190812_161306.jpg

    20190812_115403.jpg 20190812_115342.jpg
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  2. Inside grower RDWC systems
    If I forget to turn on my swamp cooler and go someplace the inside of my tent gets 80 plus degrees I have seen my Reservoir drop 8 gallons per plant per day .
    In your case Its going to have allot to do with your grow medium ( how much drainage you have dictates the amount of water that can be used .
    If you got allot of drainage You can water 24/7 , you could pout hundreds of gallon through the grow medium per day .
    Straight up if you are growing using compost that is considered a passive Hydroponic system .
    Regardless if its outside grow and if you water by hand .
    The magic word is using compost which is not soil ………..
    Good luck
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  3. Does that watering system get your entire pot wet....or just around the base there?
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  4. They look fine, just keep giving them whatever you've been giving them. Why are you giving them shade?
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  5. Its a 6 inch ring in a 20 in pot, i thought the mulch might help spread out the flow
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  6. I have been watering on a timer for about 20 min using a 6gph bubbler head, so for what's it's worth about 1.5-2gals per day

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