1st walmart el cheapo attempt

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    stuff used:

    2 x plastic bin "roughnecks" lols..
    2 x computer fans
    1 x 42w cfl with alum hood
    5 x 27w cfl daylight
    4 x 26w cfl reg light
    1 x miracle grow dirt time released nutrients
    shultz 10-15-10 chems

    18/6 lighting to start then 24/0 for veg, gonna try to veg em for 6 weeks then switch to 12/12. temps are 80's with breeze from fans. it's possible that every one is a diff strain, multi seed-bag grow. how much water they need, look healthy? they just got an additional 3 lights a few hours ago, things turn for the better soon no? i let water sit for days in the room before feeding.


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  2. keep em watered, its harder to kill then you might think.
  3. Looks like some major stretching... Move lights closer to the plants, like an inch or two... 3 max
  4. It's been about 24 hours since they were moved into the box with additional lighting and they already seem to be doing better, almost all of them grew their 2nd sets of leafs too.

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  5. Hey whats up, it's been about 3 weeks from seed for 2 of them now and they're looking pretty beasty. Both of them are more wide than they are tall and I think females, however I'm uncertain of the sex.

    Theres a problem however, these green flies have found my plants are constantly are getting on the leaves and stuff. They are those big greenish looking flies and I don't know how to deal with them, there is beginging to be too many of them for me to kill.

    I have barely any money to purchase things so, I need to figure something out ASAP to get rid of these fuckers, please let me know what product I can get from like Walmart or other than that something like free to obtain to kill the flies.

    I have galleries of different days I still need to upload, but I need to get rid of the flies first it's pissing me off.:eek:
  6. i'm pretty sure wal-mart carries them but if not home-depot would for sure. hot shot no pest strip. it's like $7.00 but lasts for 3-4 months. hang in your grow box and remove before last 4 weeks of flowering.

    might take a few days to a week to keep them dead :)
  7. got these sticky things and i shit you not, counted 30 or so flies caught and theres like none left on anything or flying around in a matter of a few hours... wowwow lol
  8. U need more light. The ones u got aint cuttin it, the stems are way to thin and the plants are stretching and suffering. They do not look good. U can get a good deal on a good light from insidesun.com, they are very cheap and have good gear. Also u should only have one plant per pot BY RULE!!!! Good Luck and happy tokinnnnnnn:smoke:
  9. Sorry for lack of updates my camera has been broken, however I captured images from a few weeks ago which I will share with you now.

    These are 13 days from seed.

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    All of my plants are currently 33 days old from seed.


    These are pics 21 days from seed!

    I believe my 3 indica bag seed plants are all females; they're very skunky and show no signs of balls however my light cycle has been 18/6, sometimes closer to 24/0 so I could be wrong in assuming they're all females.

    I'm hoping to get a camera today to show you them at day 33, the stems are nearly 1/2'' thick, I can't believe it. Now running 4 x 26 watt CFL and 1 x 42 watt CFL.


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  11. Hm.. after doing a bit of reading I realized it's been 33 days of Vegging.. my plants are like nearly 20 inches tall, I think it's time to switch to 12/12 and flower so they can still fit ok inside my grow box? I suppose I could place them somewhere else if they end up getting too big for it or tie them down, but i would rather not. Pics for day 33 soon.
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    These 2 are now 61 days from seed. Been flowering for like a little over 2 weeks.

    How does it look? Have 250 watt of CFL on them. Any idea what strain? They really smell like crazy skunky bud, and how come they look pretty good for bag seed?

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  13. looking great bro
  14. nice grow man, this is my first post i'm kind of just lurking around and looking at peoples grows as i am considering starting to grow a sneaky wee plant or two at home but i'd have to hide it from my mum :( your leaves look a bit curly and i know that's a sign of too much heat, you might want to move the bulbs a little further away now that your plant's getting bigger...?

    good luck though, they look pretty sweet otherwise!
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    keep those cfls as close as possible with out burning the plant if you have a constant fan blowing on them you should be able to get them very close
    curling leaves can be from too much water how often and how much do you water?

    ph ? ph run off? temps?

    things look great so far i grow with cfls and hps
    cfls alone can do the job but yeild will be greatly increased by adding a low watt hps like a 100 or 70 watt it wont create an incredible amount of heat but it will diffently fatten those nugs

    something to think about
  16. Nice looking grow. I'm subscribing for the end result. I'm planning a very similar grow and I wanna see how yours turns out.

  17. I took a ph test of the soil at day of planting and it was right on 7, temps are in the low 80's and i keep the fan on them as much as possible like 12 hours a day

  18. your sig makes no sense sorry rofl

    the second part about money lol makes absolutley no sense.
  19. Added 2 more cfl's to the mix, making that 9 x 26/27's and 1 x 42 watt for a total of 253 watts. What kind of yield can I potentially get with the current setup, and possibly how much more can I get by adding even more? more pics soon
  20. I saw it on a movie and it seemed really profound at the time.

    It means if you have herb but no money, that's easier than having money but no herb. Get it?
    I thought it made perfect sense. :confused:

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