1st wake and bake in a looooong time.

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    Oh hell; home alone on a Saturday A.M.. Went out to breakfast, but decided to do a big hit off the Dugout. The restaurant was sorta busy. That was a very interesting experience as I had not done a wake and bake since I started smoking again in Winter 2012.
    I went to the back, farthest from everybody else's tables and had my back facing the crowd and looking at a wall. Felt pretty safe and secure. Then a guy comes up, sits at the row of tables across from me and tells the waitress there will be about 15. I was like Oh crap! Their convo was pretty entertaining; uptight because they missed the breakfast deadline by 5 minutes or so.
    Anyway...I got to eat, got entertained and back home watching OU v TX at the time.
    Did the math. 22 year since my last wake and bake. Hope this isn't a gateway thing. lol

  2. Lol nice dude hope u enjoyed it

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  3. 22 years!? May I suggest ihop for your next wake n bake sesh? lol
  4. I can vouch for that suggestion. I remember one day before school (we had a late start that day) I smoked 3 joints with a friend and we went to ihop after.
    I had to go home before school to change pants because there was jizz all over the ones I was wearing.
  5. hahaha! dude those double chocolate pancakes with whipped cream are the cotton mouth cure
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    Wish we had one, but this restaurant is a local staple and has a great breakfast special called The Mother Road. It's an all you can order breakfast. Get almost anything you want, except an 8oz steak and cost $6.69
    I usually get 4 scrambled, 5 bacon, 2 sausage patties, hash browns and biscuit/ gravy. If you want cakes and waffles they're included too. With coffee it comes to $8.61. I know just walking into ihop usually cost that. 

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