1st Unofficial GC Party Cup Challenge

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  1. Welcome to the 1st Unofficial GC Party Cup Challenge. :wave: That's right, we're going to test your growing skills by restricting you to a single container. The 16oz party (solo) cup.

    There is no restriction on medium, seed stock, ferts or anything plant related. The only restriction is that you must be growing in a plastic or Styrofoam party cup and your roots must stay contained within that party cup. If you want to do hydro, feel free, but you will be using a party cup.

    Just post your updates any time. That'll help to keep them spread out. I don't think we want to restrict it to certain days of the week, because that kind of stuff is hard for a group of stoners. Sounds rule-ish anyways!

    It all starts on the turn of the clock on 4/1/12. No germing or clone cutting until then.

    Initial entry must be POSTED before end-of-day 4/30/12. Use whatever time zone works out best for you. It doesn't have to be your own.

    Everybody should post an initial update showing their freshly cut cloneling or moisturizing beanling, and a secondary update showing a rooted or planted clone, or a sprout. I suppose just that second one would probably be enough.

    Updates after that just have to be enough to show us convincingly that it's the same plant. 3 weeks would be stretching it, I think. But shit happens. So no matter what, at least take the pics! You can always catch up on the posting.

    We can police it as a group as we go anyway. If anything seems iffy, call them out!

    :cool: "Award" categories ... This is primarily for bragging rights but we could probably come up with a custom sig award that you could show off.

    Highest Yield
    Largest plant
    Best contest photo
    Best timed harvest (planned harvest date must be "declared" before 12/12 flip, at germination for autos)
    First to harvest
    Last to harvest
    Most Epic Fail
    Prettiest plant
    Ugliest plant
    First to die

    (more categories may be added later)

    Well, that's pretty much it. If you are in, speak up. The fun begins in just over a week. :hello:
  2. Dude, I'll play.
  3. My favorite category has to be Most Epic Fail
  4. I'm in doin a sog solo cup grow now
  5. OHHH Grrower you know im in on this one :) i think i might start my Aroma Seed :) from CH9 Labs or who knows maybe just a bag seed this time around :p and do a few and hope for a female :p
  6. Me me I want to play!
  7. Okay, I'm in too! :smoke:

    I want to be the first to post an irrelevant bud shot though.


  8. Now we're talking. Come on blades, join the fun or you're gonna miss out. ;)

    First! :D

    Just think, that could be you.... :poke:

    thanks for joining the fun phil. :wave:

    Im thinking of starting one of my SourD's and maybe a clone too. Ill probably go with a Pineapple Express clone too, they seem to be pretty hardy until the last few weeks when the colors come out.

    You're in... :cool:

    Hahaha, I wouldnt expect anything less from you MX. :p
  9. This sounds like fun, I'm in! One question though- how many entries/plants per person?
  10. no more than 100, please. ;)
  11. Lots of room for mistakes then :) excellent. I just may win the Most Epic Fail Award.
  12. I cannot wait lol i think i may start mine late cause i still have the newer autos in the tent now they are about 2.5 weeks old so yeah... when i start my photo sensitive plants i will wanna be like one month from harvest lol so when i do harvest i can switch to 12/12 lol it sucks cause i really wanna start some entries now :p but hey its allll about patience!!! but i think imma do like 4 this time around orrrr start a SOG with like 6 16oz cups in my small tent :p who knows we will see :) I have so many i could start like my Vintage 2006 seed. or my Humboldt, Aroma, some seeds my buddy created from up north this summer, very very very hearty strain called the Hali Lights ( Northern lights #2 x Hali) (hali is a bred strain that i donot know the genetics of )
  13. oh its gonna start a buzz alrite.

    im down grrower.

    but you gotta keep records like mx does. :eek: :bolt:

    just kidding, but im gonna play along. :smoke:
  14. I will bend the rules slightly and say that you can take your cuttings now if you want. But nothing with roots until the 1st. If you see roots before then, you will be asked to start over.

    At least you can say you were #1 in your category. :p I am going to create some fancy custom sig plaques for the winners.

    now we're talking. Go big early or go home... that's what I say. :poke:

    I will have records of participants, entries and numbers. Although, I will not be counting and numbering your leaves like MX does. :p
  15. I'm in. I've been wanting to crack another bean anyways. Either northern lights x big bud, bubba 76, or OG kush.
  16. hell yeah, another warrior joins the mix. :hello:

    Im not familiar with any of those strains.

    I have extensively grown NL crosses. I can say with authority, I dont like NL. Its an old strain that cant compete in todays market. It has no smell and very bland taste. It is hardy and will take some abuse, but it cant hang with the big boys of today.

    Bubby 76 illudes me. :: researches strain :: Not my cup of tea based on my strain encyclopedia. Rock hard popcorn buds peak my interest but I wouldnt want to work through an F1 generation where the breeder even claims flavor varies greatly. If flavor is that different so are growth phenos.

    OG Kush has my interest peaked. I HATE kush. Every kush i have ever had is certainly not my taste. I have grown it and had street kush. Its all the same. Very earthy, taste like dirt, buds are fluffy, but at least the high is decent, not awesome but decent. I hear the OG has bred out the kush taste while keeping the kush structure and potency. I would be interested to try some but Im pretty skeptical of anything kush.
  17. i like my afghan kush varieties. very hashy and fruity. top notch
  18. after watching all the hermies and problems an issues with the various KUSH strains around the city, i can tell its not a variety i would like having around.
    this fuckin c99 doesnt shape up shes gonna be out the door too!!!
  19. Kush comes from that region almost exclusively. You bust be getting something that has bred the kush taste out. Kush in its true form taste like dirt. I dont mean dirt mexican schwag, I mean it taste like fresh dug earthy dirt.

    If your Kush doesnt taste like that, its been cross bred with something else to take that taste out.
  20. does the skunk tatse like that to you?

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