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  1. I have done a lot of searching for yellow leaves, but haven't come across anything that looks quite like what my plants are experiencing. I apologize for the pics being somewhat low quality, I couldn't get the autofocus to work properly on an old point and shoot. You can see in the first 2 pics of the larger yellower plant that the veins are mostly still a dark green and the very tips of the leaves have tiny dark green dots. The other one has similar symptoms but not nearly as bad (next 2 pics).

    They are both blue dream, almost 2 weeks old, in straight fox farm ocean forest soil, temperature high 70s/low 80s, low humidity between 25 and 30%, no added nutrients, under 400w hps on 24 hours about 16" from the bulb. The runoff ph has been really low: I first tested it a few days ago and the yellower but larger plant's was around 5.0, the other was 5.5. The next day I transplanted from cups to 1 gallon pots and watered with 8.5 ph water and the runoff from both was about 6.0, still perplexingly low. It has now been two days since the transplant and last watering, and the color has stayed the same, while the plants have continued to grow slowly, showing no signs of stress from the transplant.

    Obviously I want to get the ph higher, and will be watering later today or tomorrow with the goal of having the runoff be 6.5. What is causing such a low runoff ph? Is there anything else I should be doing? If anyone has anything to share, I would greatly appreciate it.

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  2. Its a bit too hot - aim for 70- 75 degrees.
    FFOF soil is hot for young plants, so give
    her a flush.

  3. Thanks Freak! I will try that and post the results.


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