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1st timer-Still feeling effects

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by SuburbanPot1979, Aug 28, 2017.

  1. Ok, I'm a lightweight...admittedly! I can have half a cocktail and be buzzed. And I truly don't enjoy the buzzed feeling. I know this about myself, so I should have known to be more careful. I'm 37, and have never had weed before this experience.

    Saturday evening we were having dinner at a friend's house and he offered me some special chocolate because he knows I've been struggling with some anxiety and thought it could help. He gave me literally a small bite. I have no clue what kind it was or how much is in it, he just said it takes his back pain away and mellows him. I have taken cbd pills before (the .3% or less version you can buy legally anywhere) and never noticed a huge difference in my feeling, so I expected this to not do much for me either.

    Within about an hour it hit...and it hit quickly and I knew then I had made a mistake. I was completely out of it and beginning to panic. I could barely walk and couldn't really talk either... I felt asleep but awake if that makes any sense. I went to sleep about 3-4 hours later and slept all night but woke up the next day still feeling a little spaced. I could talk and function I like the night before but still felt kind of high and out of it. Today is more than 36 hours later and I'm still feeling pretty off.

    I am fully supportive of marijuana and believe it's got incredible value for lots of things. But this experience has me thinking I'll never take it again. I never want to feel like this again, and truly want nothing more than to go back to how I was feeling before taking that bite of chocolate. Again, it seemed like the perfect amount for a first timer, maybe a 1/10 of a piece. But I'm obviously very sensitive to it and it was FAR too much for my first time.

    Any suggestions on getting out of this funk? I do have cbd oil capsules still, and I have read that can help...but honestly I'm kind of afraid to put anything more in my system because I just want to feel normal again. I already take antidepressants, and that hasn't changed, but don't know if taking a xanax for the lingering stuff could help. I'm feeling anxious because of what I'm still feeling...worrying it won't go away at all.

    I know...newbie, and it may annoy you for that reason...but I'd truly appreciate some advice on what I'm experiencing and how to help.
  2. Your friends an idiot. Don't take edibles without proper dosage, you got way too high. A piece could have any amount in it and for someone whose never even smoked before could be overwhelmed. I do half oz brownies and a piece is all you need the exact reason I dose them so high. Eat a good breakfast, relax, watch some tv and you will be back to normal. Your not feeling any after affects now, your nerves are getting to you. The high is over, don't let anxiety ruin your day. This happens to a lot of people and they develop a negative stigma against Cannabis. Glad you decided to get answers first. Dosage is key, he should have known this.
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  3. I wouldn't panic about not feeling right after 36 hours, it's pretty common especially when you have a bad edible high. It could honestly take the rest of the week until you feel 100% again.

    When I over consume edibles it's like a constant fog for a few days, hard to get a string of thoughts together, and I experience tunnel vision.
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  4. Thank you. Yes, I made the decision to take the chocolate myself, but I'm pretty disappointed in my friend for knowing it was my first time and can't even tolerate much alcohol without a dumb buzz. I won't do it without someone way more educated in cannabis. I doubt I'll be up for trying it for a while though. I do agree...I think because that was my first mind altering type experience, it's more just aware of the different mind states and it's creating more anxiety. Trying to tell myself I'm not high anymore, just anxious.
    Thank you for not being insensitive! I feel pretty embarrassed at how unable I was to tolerate a high as it is!
  5. Thank you for confirming this is somewhat common after a bad high. I honestly don't remember much of that night...very much a haze in and out of consciousness it felt like. Never want to feel that high again. I don't mind the mellowing effect. But to be unable to clearly talk or even walk...that's WAY too much.
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    I'm sorry your experience was so unpleasant. Please just take good care of yourself- eat right (though you may not feel hungry), keep hydrated, and go out for a walk, if you can do so safely. Unfortunately an edible lasts a long time. Best of luck. I hope you feel better soon.
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  7. Edibles can be a challenge.
    The easiest edible type thing to use to find your best dose is tincture, whose dosage can be adjusted one drop at a time.
    The website Leafly has some crude recommendations on strains for various ailments.
    Most people prefer sativas during the day, and indicas at night for sleep.
    Getting your sleep right can fix lots of other problems.
    MJ will probably be much better for you in the long run than those anti-things.

    CBD is a mild stimulant, like caffeine, and it can help reduce the discomfort of a thc high. Avoid it before bedtime unless it's needed for stress, because it will reduce the sleepiness from thc, the real sleep medicine.
  8. Thank you. Yes, anxiety is an appetite suppressant for me so eating has been a challenge...trying to force myself to eat so I can continue to metabolize. I knew nothing about how much more intense and long lasting edibles can be. And once I was in it...there was no way to get out. Being out of control triggers my anxiety so I should have known that any kind of high wouldn't be good for me.
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  9. @SuburbanPot1979
    Now you've gone and done it. Partaken of the Devils Weed and you'll never be the same. It'll never wear off and your just stuck like this for the rest of your life.:)
    OK enough with the reefer madness lines.
    You'll be fine.
    It can take a while for a really good dose to wear off.
    Don't compound things by adding more drugs just give the cannabis time to completely exit your system. 48 hours from consumption is usually fully recovered for even a real lightweight.
    Smoking hits instantly and last 45 minutes on average. Stick to that until you have a bit more experience.
    Edibles hit 5x as hard as smoking does so it's not something to take lightly as it takes hours to wear off. 8-10 hours of misery if you've taken to much.
    Much like to much alcohol the spins and the resulting vomiting is really not much fun so insuring a correct dose is paramount.
    My wife like you is a really easy hit and a single drop of the hash oil I make and use will overwhelm her and she won't have anything to do with it. By comparison I take 100 drops at a time twice a day.
    Don't let a single bad experience ruin Cannabis edibles for you.
    Haul off and with no warning Kick your (friend) in the groin when you see them and it'll make them think before handing out edibles again. Payback is a mother#######
    For new users like my wife's former coworker with Cancer I made up some very weak oil and made about 50 single drop caps. She took another cap every 2 hours until she was where she was happy and in no pain but not so stoned she was clumsy.
    Took most of the first day to learn she liked 6 drops. We made 6s for her day use and doubled that to 12s to hammer her to sleep at night.
    It's really the best way to dial in both the strength of the edible and the tolerance of the person.
    Make a bunch of very low dose edibles and add more every 2 hours until you find your personal happy zone.
    Keep track of the weights of the weed and the amount of oil so your making the same strength batches every time. My own recipe is
    5 grams hash (decarbed 240 F for 40 minutes)
    2.5 teaspoons coconut oil
    .5 teaspoon soy lecithin liquid
    Heat 220 F for 20 minutes
    Reheat and done. Makes 30 (0) sized caps of 25 drops each. A massive dose suitable for only the most hardened users.
    I'm old and borderline Emphysema so I really shouldn't smoke.
    Major abdominal surgery 3 rounds of and cannabis is my pain-spasm med. Stops the knife in the belly pain cold and doesn't have any of the side effects opiates have and that was my other choice for pain control. Nope nada not going down that road. Been there and done that one before.
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  10. Thank you! I can take the jabs...I know I'm going to laugh about "my first high at 38"! Lol. I will definitely try again, but you're should be done much slower. I was told THC has a half life of 7 days, so it's possible some effects may still be lingering...but more than likely just traumatized by how horrible I felt on Saturday night.
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  11. Sounds like fun as a 21 year old college student lol. I really doubt your friend expected that to happen and I wouldn't blame him. He's probably so used to it that he forgot what it's like to have your first edible. Once you're used to smoking, it's a hell of a lot more relaxing. I'd stick with smoking normal bud. I've also found that dabs are extremely relaxing for my body, at least the strain I got was. But my a-hole friends gave me a square centimeter dab for my first one and you don't want that trust me. Had me on the floor.:D Was fun as hell though
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