1st Timer Needs Help.

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    Hello City , how are ye ?
    I'm irish and 19 and none of my friends smoke, Only drink. All of them still beleive the stereotype of drugs "Everydrug is Bad And you'll get addicated and die , no matter what it is" etc. Only 1 guy in my area smokes weed and i want to get in on it.

    So, thanks to the internet I have made a crude but hopefully effective Steamroller, Kitchen paper roll + hole 1 inch above bottom. My Bowl is This =
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S94NP7f3U-8"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S94NP7f3U-8 [/ame]

    Will that work?
    So my question. The 1 guy in my area , He knows me, were not Best buddies or anything, but we both know each other to look at and can have a normal conversation with each other.
    I want to buy some weed off this guy and I need to know how/what to ask him, In person? Email/phone ? Should i just ask him straight up or gradually lead the conversation that way?

    Please GrassCity I need your help!

  2. If he smokes and is cool, why not just ask him if you can buy some weed?

    Probably wont narc on you
  3. In person ? Or through internet? You see I want to smoke during this week while my parents are out (there crazy anti-drugs and wont look at the facts, you know the type) . I have his email but he doesnt know me well enough. I'll see him in school next week , should i just wait and ask him then ?

    I dunno how these things work, Thanks again.
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    Just ask him in person. The worst he could say is no.

  5. And also will the Kitchen Roll + Vodka/wine cap bowl work ?
  6. someones going to get banned
  7. I'd wait and ask the dude in person. Ask if he can help you get hold of some weed, not to buy it off him. If he smokes and knows you he'll probably sort you out.
    That videos a bit weird, but should do the job. You could just roll a joint (or smoke with that dude and ask him to roll for you)
  8. Ask him in person next time you chill with him, just ask him if you know anyone who you could get bud from but don't be sketchy about it, just act chill.
  9. Just be cool, the first time i bought weed i was really nervous and the dealer can tell. Most guys wont fuck you and are pretty cool. If you know the guy personally just spark a conversation with him in person and talk about it. Make it obvious that you've never done it but wanna try it. If he doesn't pick up on that hint and ask, just plainly ask him if you could pick some up from him. Again the worst he can say it naw man sorry.

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