1st Timer Grower with a few ?'s Anyone in Indy?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ian7321, May 13, 2006.

  1. I am about to try and grow my first plants and have a few questions before I begin to get everything ready.

    1. I am going to use an old cabinet that my parents never use good size too. I will cut a hole for an exhaust fan or 2 and can drill through the bottom for fresh air. All I need to do is find a way to seal the door.

    2. Where the speciatly fertilizers and chemicals can be found. (I saw one of the mods is local, any place around Indy that stocks these?)

    3. What are the drawbacks to flourescent lighting? I am on a budget until my first crop gets done and sold/smoked

    4. Best type of seeds for 1st timers. I was looking at big bud seeds since they are not very tall(which is good for me since I dont have much height room) and they produce a good crop for a decent price.

    Thanks in advance for an help. This site seems like it wants to help everyone out including the new guy, so I am very thankful.
  2. That clearly means you live with your parents and intend to grow in their house. Don't do that, it's not fair to expose them to the legal risk (yes, it's a real risk). Wait until you have your own place to grow.
  3. Actually I just moved out and was looking for my old paintball gun in the basement and saw a cabinet that would be perfect. But I do understand about what you mean about the risk. I am taking every precaution possible so that my "project" will not be disturbed by Johnny Law.

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