1st Timer Grower...Weary of guests! Your advice...

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by hydroled, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Hey how is everyone this afternoon? Stoned I hope...

    So I'm growing for the first time in a new apartment. The only suitable spot to grow is my shower. I use planters so my setup can be taken down in 5 minutes tops! Gotta shower sometimes right.. So I don't have a girlfriend right now, but I am on the trail to find one. I'm wondering what happens when I do find one. Do I take her back to my place? Do I have sex with her? Just joking! I can't really hide my grow stuff and the flat is small, so there is only one bathroom, and the bathroom doubles as my grow space as well. Though you can still take a leak w/o bothering the plants. Should I be weary of random chicks narking on me. Should I just skip a girlfriend for 3 months? Anyone ever been in this situation before? :confused:
  2. you have no where else to grow? only 1 bathroom? how about a hallway closet or somthing? going to get annoying when they get bigger and you want to shower and have to move them. i get pissed when i have to move my one 18 inch plant out of my closet haha damn bowl under the bucket always spills!!!
  3. Lets face it, your just going to have to kill anyone that comes over. Hah no but in all seriousness I'm growing in my bathroom as well, you dont tell anyone, especially not GFs, thats how everyone gets caught. You think you love her, show her your beauties, you accidently told her the truth one night about the dress that makes her look fat and boom the feds are busting down your door. Look into Activated Carbon, ONA, a good ventilation system with negative pressure going and keep your fucking mouth shut. Good Luck!!

    P.S Make sure that the room is dry because if something short circuits your lights cut off and it stresses out the plants, you gotta cut the power to the house and double check everything etc. It happened twice this grow, Im seriously worried about hermies. Good Luck again!
  4. i say you do kill her. and use her body as fertilizer then name the weed after her! MMMMMHAHAHAH
  5. If you get a girlfriend just dont bring her over for 3 months. Hell dont bring anyone over. Unless she is your wife, she should never see your plants. (and even then, only if she agrees with your growing heh)

    Yes you should be weary of chicks narking on you. Lets say your dating some girl, she thinks you like this other girl and you say no you dont! So to get you back, since youve only been dating 3 weeks and you mean nothing to her, she will inform police to royally screw you over. Just an example. She could tell her friends who tell their friends who either nark or rob you. Theres just too many complications!

    That being said, Ive had 3 girlfriends before I got married know I was growing. Most were bad breakups, I just didnt care. I got lucky :) I have seen other friends who grow way more than I do have a girlfriend tell her guy friends who in turn decided it would be a good idea to rob the person when he is out with said girlfriend.

    Just grow for 3 months, than get a girlfriend and spoil her with weed, she will love ya! (for awhile) :)
  6. simple.

    if you dont want anybody knowing that your growing weed, dont have anyone over.

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