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    Hey all, this is my first time growing..well anything really. I dont have a crazy set up or anything, 2 plants, two 250w lights and plenty of natural sunlight .I had another plant but it was just the weak link. It sprouted and died in a week after i planted them. I do fear that one of the survivors is a male though. They are about 6 weeks old now and i will keep updating with pics from here on. Any pointers or comments on the pics are welcome.

    These are from over the last couple weeks (wks 4-6). i think the first pic may be a little older 3rd week or so, the 5th and 6th pics are of the one that i think is a male. Im hoping somebody will tell me im wrong but it doesnt look good.

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  2. Hi there! Looking good so far! It looks to me like you have a male there! Give it a few days to see what it looks like... I have Auto Santa seeds, I've yet to germinate. I'm planning to use them to cross with another auto. If you do have a male there, separate the two, you might be able to only pollinate like one lower branch on your female, and get away with buds and one branch of seeds...

    Just a friendly suggestion, I'd carefully replant those into larger pots. Probably in the neighborhood of 2-3 gallon, or buckets. Autos don't like to be replanted, so the earlier in their life you can do this, the better.

    Looking nice, I'm interested to see how they turn out for you!
  3. i would repot to a 3 gallon. and kill that male, no need for it unless you want to make seeds and kill your crop. whats your ph at, what soil you use, do you use nutes, if so what type? Looking good
  4. Thanks for the feedback guys, i transplanted the female into a 3 gallon pot just a couple hours ago and disposed of the male. I honestly have not checked the ph, so i need to get on that. Im using miracle grow moisture control soil that already has nutes so i didnt want to use any extra to over do it. I have heard a couple times now that soil with time release nutes may not have been the best choice though.
  5. Nice, man! I'm not so much of a soil guy, now that I've gone hydro, but I think you can still transplant into some better soil. Might be worth ordering some online, if you can't find it locally.
  6. Cool, ill have to look into some different soils then, i didnt know how safe it would be to switch at this point. Theres a few gardening stores close by so ill take a look
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    Its been about 10 days since i transplanted the female into the bigger pot, and i have definitely noticed a pretty good bit of growth. I was gonna start another couple plants to replace the male but im think im just gonna ride with her for now and see how it turns out.

    One question though, at what time is it best to start taking clones? Not sure if im going to or not with this plant but im just wondering.

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  8. Hey man, traditionally, you don't take clones from an auto, because it's going to flower, automatically.

    That said, you CAN take clones from an auto, but the time to do that would be when the lower branches grow out. The only reason for this would be to relocate the branches where they can get more light. I don't think it's worth the effort.
  9. I think your doing pretty well
  10. If those are autos they should have flowered by day 21 -29.if im reading right these plants are over 6 weeks old.you may have to flip the lights to 12 /12 to get them to flower.

  11. Ah, was a little concerned about that actually. Its starting to flower a little now but it felt like it was taking too long. Thanks for that

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