1st timer 5 weeks headband 707 helpp pleasee

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by kushedout86, May 26, 2009.

  1. organic miracle grow with composte and blood meal and bone meal its in a one gallon right now i was wonderin when i should transplant to a 5 gallon sum of the leaves have tips starting to yellow i can see sum of the little roots comin out of the bottom hole barely also which leaves shud i cut this is my first time any help is appreciated [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. if the root tips are showing at the bottom that tells you right there that they want more room
  3. deff bigger bucket. dont slow er down. Looks really good though. I just picked up some headband from blue sky cafe today. also got querkle,casey jones,and green crack/ Candy...(i guess thats the other name for it too, anyone aware of this also or have another name for green crack) If anyone knows about these strains and has grown them please message me. growing outside and i cant find much info on these strains for some reason.
  4. by 707 do you mean northbay? i live in the 707 also right now.
    i got a shit load of plants. if your not far away hit me up ill help you out as much as i can.
    since im growing in the same conditions as you.
    but you really want a bigger pot for those. try 10 gallon.
    the bigger the better.
    mine are in custom 20 gallon pots that i got from a organic fruit farm out here.
    they used to have cherry trees planted in them or some shit.
    they are HUGE and my plants love it. they grow freely and rapidly.

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