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  1. hey, this is my first time growing but not smoking ha. This is a walkthru of the materials i plan to use in order to build a very cheap an affordable growbox that will also give good yields. I plan to only grow ONE PLANT maybe 2 later on in the future.After most explanations ill include a link to the website i plan to purchase these materials off of.

    Please reply with suggestions, products, basically anything that is cheap or easy to make that will benefit my goal. My design is based up these designs of another homemade pc stealth box My First C.C.S.S. Grow (Computer CFL Small Stealth) Grow

    I plan to do this in a pc tower. The towers diameters are 24.5h x 7.5w x 16.5d. http://www.mypccase.com/atxfultowcas2.html

    Im buying the tower with no power supply but am thinking about buying the 2 optional 80mm fans and connecting them to a 12v. Is there some cheap fan that is quiet and will keep my box cool. I plan on putting the exhaust fan up top while the intake fan is down on the bottom.

    Ive found several websites online on how to build carbon scrubbers. Is there a way to connect the carbon scrubber to a small comp fan? Does anyone have instructions on how to build a smaller carbon scrubber that wont take to much space.

    For temperature and humidity i plan on using these small affordable read outs that are used in pet stores. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...MEWA:IT&ih=001
    Is this ok to use or should i go with something else.

    For lighting i plan on using CFLs. Im buying them off ebay and its a pack of 6. 3 for growing and then 3 for flowering. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...MEWA:IT&ih=016
    My pc box is only .85 sq ft. These lights are eachs 25 watts emitting about 1800 lumens. I read that each plant needs about 2600 lumens. Would running just 2 of these light equalling 50 watts and 3600 lumens be ok for just one plant. I also plant to make these small ballasts made out of large aluminum cans. I plan on using one of those big beer cans for each light. Simple Reflector For Your Compact Fluorescent

    I cant decide wat i should do with the walls on the inside of the pc. I have read that aluminum is great and so i just white paint. Whats the best option?

    I plan on using a simple organic fertilizers probably from walmart. I dont want to be mixing and messing around with different chemicals and stuff. Im thinking of trying to get some worm castings. Does anyone have any experience. You can buy a 1lb of this site. http://www.dirtworks.net/worm-castings.html Im also going to place a C02 maker inside. Ive found several designs online that are very simple. Some requir 2 liters while other require simpl 20ounce.
    Im thinking of using this for the CO2.
    20 oz bottle half filled with warm water
    1/2 cup sugar
    2 tsp. dry yeast
    cap the bottle and put a hole in the cap the size of fish tank air tubing insert tubing and suspend above your plants.
    Every third day change half of the water and add 3 tbs sugar.

    HOw should i water my plant and how often. I was trying to think or find a way to make a self watering system but most designs online are to big for my stealth box.
  2. you sound semi prepered im on my first grow to but iv gone to a little more trouble than that lol but yea with that set up it will grow but its sieriously not ideal if your using cpf's id go for the lyvia 26w/150w you will get a better lumen to wattage convesion about 2500 lumens per light i believe (i used 2 to start my seedlings off). as for watering that depends on what your growing in. using thos 26w cpf's i had to water mine about every 3 days but it all depends on the enviroment there in. id just check the soil (about an inch down) if its dry water if its moist dont.:D
  3. bump bump bump
  4. HEY...nice to see another PC grower. First of all, i'm tired and i'm only gonna touch on a little bit of things as I just got off of work... Aluminum...NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go to walmart and buy some MYLAR SAFETY BLANKETS...in the sporting goods and COVER THE INSIDE OF YOUR COMPUTER WITH IT.....then no reflectors will be needed. I have a small PC as well and I'm running 5 25watt CFL's...and I change them for flowering and veg. Works wonderful but does get hot. Running 2 should be fine...just place them near your fan. I made a cooling chamber for mine. Go back into my past posts and look up my LOWRYDER STEALTH PC grow...i've got it up and running now with about 4 day old seedlings again and got some nice smoke off my last one. As for fans, the bigger the better, as you WILL need good ventilation. But you are on the right track with your setup. I have a ....80cfm fan on the back of mine and it still gets hot every now and then.......so watch it!..oh and yes..a 80mm 80cfm fan is loud!..but i have a adjustable dc power supply ...(from walmart)....made for cell phones and the such... go buy a cheap digi humidity and temp guage from walmart as well.... as for watering..your gonna probobly gonna have to suck it up and just watch it carefully...small pots in computers dry out QUICK!!!!..so watch it. I like your CO2....i did it as well..but it is messy and it does create just a little bit of CO2...and if your fans are running....it wont do any good cause it'll suck it out too fast. I'm into making a lot of wine right now in my room...and have been contemplating hooking up my many 2-liter bottles of wine to vent right into my computer.....making wine..and feeeding weed!...can it get any better? ok..i'm done.....GO LOOK AT MY PC!!! it'll help you out a lot...and yes...i'm gonna say it again..MYLAR!!! ask some more questions if you have some..i'll be glad to answer...I['m in love with pc growers.... and yeah..i have yahoo and msn if ya need more help ever....just shoot me a pm if ya are interested. Good luck, and I better see more from you in the future!!!!...i'm waiting.... and...welcome to the city!!
  5. pc is a very good way to grow. there are better ways though. ive grown from my old computer once. it gives better yields with a place in the attic or shed.
  6. i cant figure out how to cut the damn drive mounts out of the pc case!
  7. ya ill look back at your previous posts

    one question i have is on the expected yield?
  8. Those rivets that hold the drive cages in are pretty week... Take off the paneling of your PC and you'll see the rivets. All i had to do was take a flat head screw driver, and place it on the head of the rivet, and give it 1-3 good whacks and those heads will fly right off. Be sure not to touch the ones that hold the frame together like i did ;)

    Here's what mine looks like so far...

  9. looks good so far mushu

    im going to buy all my materials within the next day or 2 and then ill start growing

    does anyone have anyways of telling what type of seeds i have?
    i got the seeds from a friend

    also only female plants give u smokable bud? males are like hemp right?
  10. no, male buds produce thc and nugs also. they are just less potent and usually have more seeds. hemp is the marijuana plant that never leaves the vegetating stage basically.
  11. isn't there a way to grow a plant with no seeds?
  12. Of course there is a way to grow without seeds.

    You have to catch the males before they release their pollen and get them about 100 miles away from your female plants.
  13. That or just pray their all females! ^_^

    Also... If you end up getting a male... I suggest keeping some of the pollen pods that way when you DO get a female... You can pollinate a branch instead of the whole plant and that way you can get more seeds for future use :)
  14. Please post pics when you get this thing up and running y2!!!

    I cant wait to see it, looks like your gonna bring some good ideas to the table once your research is done.
  15. Its going to get started soon..

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