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1st Time, Single Plant, Recreational Grow

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Ghetto, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. Well, About a month ago I was packing a bowl, and while breaking up my chronic, a big seed popped out from one of the buds. I was completely surprised just because lately I only buy premium bud and have never gotten a seed from good bud before. Only the mids and ditch weed have produced seeds for me. Anyway, I germinated the seed and planted the little bastard.

    I threw it in a little flower pot with potting soil i grabbed from another household plant. I don't plan on giving this plant any special attention, as my intentions are not even to have a high yield. I guess curiosity is getting the best of me on the growing process only for recreation and nothing else.

    I am still curious though, about what requirements are essential just for the basic survival of the plant. Also, about any precautions I should be taking to avoid any problems with scent, or anything. I live in an apartment complex and they are pretty close quarters. Not to sound paranoid... but you know.

    I understand every experience differs one from another, but any advise would be greatly appreciated.
    Stay Cool.:cool:
  2. You won't have a yield at all without special attention.

    For veg you need more than 16 hours of light each day, on a schedule. If it's inside you need 100 actual watts of CFLs, or a 150-250w HPS.

    You'll need nutrients as well, for veg and flower.

    Ventilation is also important. Air flow in the room and on the plant is very beneficial for growth.

    Security is needed as well. When you flower she'll begin to stink. So you'll either need a carbon filter, or you could try a DIY Ona gel bucket

    You should do lots of research before growing. Start reading all the stickies here and try to pack in as much info as possible

  3. So, If marijuana was actually just left to grow naturally without human intervention, there would be no 'yield?'
    You said it'll definitely smell. How strong? Like a faint scent you have to look for? or like a wall of think stinky skunky bud? Could it be comparable to how it smells in my living room after roasting a bowl?
    I was thinking about getting a grow bulb and setting up a loose schedule. The thing of it is, I'm not trying to get serious on this. I just want to satisfy my curiosity a little.
  4. Get four cfl bulbs that have a TRUE 23w each (2-6500 kelvin range & 2-2700 kelvin range)two light sockets and two splitters (two bulbs into one socket).Maybe some cheap organic feretilizer (not miracle some potting soil maybe a small fan.Keep the light about an 1-2" from plant,24/7 0r 18/6 in your closet( for stealth).This should be enough for couriosity....

  5. Is all this equipment easily accessible at minimal cost?
    If I even got this little involved, I'd probably just build a grow box. but I dont want to get into something I can't finish. I work A LOT, and I really dont have time to get into THAT MUCH and I also don't want to get busted or whatever.
  6. This might run you between $50-100 bucks...if you build a grow box you will need them anyways.Most can be bought at a Lowes or Home Depot.This is enough to get you some good smoke.
  7. Also, I understand this varies from strain to strain, but how big of a plant should I expect? How much does 1 plant bud as well?
  8. All plants are different some can get big but you could LST it to keep it bushy.

  9. LST? If you don't mind elaborating?
  10. Low Strength Training (I think) basically if you tie the mainstock to the side of the pot it will grow bushier.You could also top it.There are some great threads on this in the plant training section on this forum.
  11. Low stress training, and I agree. All of the questions being asked are answered in the stickies
  12. I'm saying it would be likely to just die off if you don't take proper care of her.

    They get real stinky. It will stink up your whole house and get to neighbors as well.

    Growing is addicting, and if your anything like 99% of the blades here, you'll want to improve and upgrade your setup as much as possible. Growing a plant without attention on a loose schedule isn't going to result in experience. My advice is to do it right the first time

  13. One plant will be enough to stink up my house, plus extra to spare?!
  14. In the flowering stage, yes
  15. Not all plants stink like that! Come on!
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    But many do. That's one of the cons of bagseed, you don't know it's characteristics. It could be a relatively smell-less strain, or it could stink to hell and back.

    One plant easily stunk up my house. And you could smell it in my backyard when my power went out, (no carbon filter running).\tYou should over compensate with odor control, or you risk getting caught
  17. It's been 5 days since I planted the germinated seed, and nothing. Am I being impatient, or does this indicate a problem?
  18. Keep waiting. Is it warm and humid? Try putting a plastic baggie loosely over the container so some humidity stays in. Don't go poking around, they are very delicate right now
  19. It's warm, and it's humid, not tropical, just typical. I've been watering it everyday, and I will try the plastic bag idea. I won't poke around.
    How long should I wait until it's a guarantee it wont sprout?

  20. Listen to what is said here!!

    I started off with bag seed, shop lights and plain dirt. A year and a half later, I've invested at least $2,500 easily(I'm afraid to add up all my receipts) and I'm finally where I can just focus on growing and not expanding my operation. I'm not saying you have to spend thousands of dollars to do this, but you might end up doing that anyway.

    If you don't have the time or resources to do it right, then honestly, you're better off just spectating and spending your money on finished product.

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