1st Time seed grower needs some help please

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  1. Hey all!
    Hi all! Can you PLEASE tell me if I'm on the right track and not screwing this up?
    Here's an image the first seedling I've ever grown. (usually get clones) This is the seedling at day 24. As you can see the cotyledon have turned yellow. Is that a horrible thing? Does she look really bad? Or does she look Okay and salvagable?

    The seedling is in Nectar For the Gods #4 soil which does have some nutes in it. The room shes in is 78 degrees and 60RH and she sits about 4 inches below my 4 bulb T-5..

    I've been giving her plain ole water PH'd to 6.3 for the first 18 days or so. Noticed she started growing a third node so I've given her a very small amount of nutes the last two feeds. (last 4 or 5 days) About 1/4 what's on the feed chart. I don't water her pot very deeply. Maybe 90ML of water around the stem as well as outside the stem to give the roots something to reach for. I haven't been re watering until soil looks and feels really dry on top.

    I just did a slurry test and a PPM test. Slurry came out at 6.6 (been watering at 6.3) and PPM at 275. Using the Nectar For the Gods line we really want a slurry around 6.3-6.6 and a PPM around 300-500.

    Does she look at least Okay or does she look really sick? She doesn't seem to be growing much the last week or so. Sigh. Thanks!

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  2. if that's day 24, there's something wrong.

    A good person to follow is @Foghorn1130 who is a veteran grower that uses NOTG. I think this would be the best. Here's his thread,
    Foggy’s Frosted Forest
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  3. I answered your thread on RIU.
  4. i responded thx

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