1st Time Sealed Room 4x600 HPS Need Setup Advice

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  1. First off I've been on this forum for a few years and I read a shitload so please dont flame me for not doing my own research. I have and continue to do so. Just looking for some friendly advice from some of you blades with useful experience pertaining to my specific project.

    I've got a couple successful small grows (thanks to Grasscity) under my belt using homeade closets and a single 600 in a cool tube cooling via filter>fan>cool tube>exhaust with passive intake. Temps and humidity were never an issue previously but all that is about to change and I'm looking for some setup and equipment advice in order to minimize my learning curve.

    The new setup is a sealed 9x15 flowering room. I'll be running 4 600 Galaxy digital ballasts in cool tubes. My inclination it to run a 452 cfm vortex fan (cuz I have one) through the lights, in taking from the utility room and exhausting into the main part of the house in order to reduce temps. I have a Sentinel MDt-1 that I'm hooking up to a Sentinel HPH-4 to run lighting duty at 240 volts.

    For CO2 I'm contemplating a Sentinel CPPM-1 Hooked up to twin 20# tanks for enrichment. I'm not keen on the burner thing due to my cooling concerns and budget for the type of cooler I might need to deal with the BTU's they generate. I could use some advice on this part. I have easy access to natural gas so it wouldn't be hard to setup.

    Cooling is my biggest concern because I have no idea what I need. I already have a portable 13000 BTU AC unit that I was planning on using. I could probably sell it for $200 online and get something else if this wont do the trick. I dont have a huge budget so I cant go out and spend $1200 on some fancy shit so that's not an option but hit me straight if you know the right way to do this.

    I'll probably need a decent dehumidifier, a recommend on that would be appreciated. Also I was thinking a CAN 100 with a 700 or 800 CFM fan would do the odor duty but I'm a noob to the sealed room game so set me straight if you think it's over or under kill.

    Thanks in advance!!
  2. BTW, I live in a mild climate and my room is in the basement of an air conditioned house. The entire house will not exceed 72 all year round. we're kinda anal about our AC. Thought that might help.
  3. You could sell your AC and buy a Portable AC/Dehumidifier

    this is just a suggestion by me i have no idea how well they will work.
  4. As far as the filter can combo you can get a 10" 790cfm Fan with 10" scrubber and ducting for $299 at illumalights.ca then get a speed controller and Blammo. you win.

    790cfm should work. if you got a 8ft high ceiling then your room is 1080 cf which means the fan can exchange almost all the air in one minute and i believe the timeline to exchange air you want is 5 minutes so technically you should beable to run a 218cfm fan full bore and still work. Kind of sucks to have such a lack of activity on your thread, but a guru will find it sooner or later so i'll just give ya something to read/think about. CO2 tanks is what i am thinking of using later too, but what about getting the AC to pump cold air while your CO2 generator runs? just a thought.

    Although i am told that unless you have a few grows under your belt you should avoid Co2 due to the fact it can exacerbate problems and even cause them.

    My 2cents, also if you are growing for re-sale then perhaps one harvest or so would put you in a better position for the correct gear.
  5. I too am interested. Subbed.

    Are the 600 lights optimal? I thought i read somewhere that 1000w was what i should aim for.
  6. If you're planning on running CO2, your temperatures will need to be warmer anyways. You should be running 80-90 degrees with CO2. I'm not sure about humidity though.

    I'm with bandit on CO2. For the most part, all the grows I've seen haven't been much better than non-CO2 grows. There is definitely an edge, but depending on your attitude, it may not be worth it. People who are growing commercially don't supplement CO2, and they are growing massive amounts of bud. Plus, it's one more thing that can go catastrophically wrong in your grow room when you're gone :p
  7. thcod, 600 watt lights put out the most lumens per watt from the HID light selection.
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    Made and order today:

    1 x HANNA PH 4 CAL SOLUTION 16OZ 12/CASE (716845) = $13.77
    1 x HANNA PH 7 CAL SOLUTION 16OZ 12/CASE (716850) = $14.29
    1 x HANNA PH 1413 uS/CM CAL SOL 16OZ 12/CASE (716860) = $14.83
    4 x ProGrip ROPE RATCHET LIGHT FIXTURE HANGER (1 pair) 1/8 IN (710114) = $51.76
    16 x PREMIUM NURSERY POT #5 - ID= BOTTOM - 9-5/8"" TOP - 11-1/8" DEPTH - 10-1/4" (724815) = $32.80
    2 x AIR KING® 12" - 3 SPEED WALL MOUNT OSCILLATING FAN (736725) = $90.60
    4 x USHIO HILUX GRO AHS 600/OPTI-RED 12/CS (902905) = $242.96
    3 x GALAXY™ 600 W 120V/240V ELECTRONIC (902485) = $365.85
    1 x SULFUR VAPORIZER (704050) = $86.95
    4 x Blazer Reflector - 6" Air-Cooled (904675) = $423.80
    1 x SENTINEL CO2-REG/CO2 REGULATOR - 3 YEAR WARRANTY (702555) = $115.02
    1 x VORTEX INLINE FAN 10" 790 CFM - 1 TO 11 EACH (736715) = $205.95
    1 x GHBB® FLORANOVA™ BLOOM GALLON (4/CASE (718815) = $54.18
    1 x SIPCO® HYGROZYME™ OMRI LISTED - 4 LITER (4/CASE) (718985) = $136.95
    16 x 12" GREEN PREMIUM PLASTIC SAUCER 48/CASE (724915) = $20.96
    4 x 240V - 6 FT SMART VOLT™ CORD (903082) = $28.00

    Running a sealed room has kind of always been my plan, nothing wrong with venting, most people on here vent and have killer harvests I just like toys and stealth. I also picked up two 20# tanks and a Phresh 850 filter at the local the other day.

    Also snagged an almost new Kenmore 12000 BTU window unit on Craigslist. Planning on placing it inside with a vent setup similar to the lights for the condenser. Still need a dehui, not much on Craigslist that I like at the moment but I have some time.

    Also looking into building the room with a double layer of 1/2" drywall with Green Glue sound deadening material in between on top of a 2x6 sill plate with staggered studs for silence.
  9. Ive been researching this, read a great article the other day to this affect with a lot of other solid info: HIGHTIMES.COM > Optimize Your Growing Environment
  10. When you build your room can you take pics of the process? i know its a weird question but this forum can always use some build info for later forum goers.

    Also, quietrock is a drywall that has the sound deading effect of 8 sheets of drywall.

    Made by the same people that do Green glue, but its pretty hard to source. you can give them a call and they can tell you the closest supplier. Really nice people, unfortunately for me the closest place is 6 hrs away.
  11. I'm experienced but justed started a "Sealed" CGE run. It's definatley different. If you are not experienced, I suggest started with a active air system. Check out my CGE thread.
  12. Woot! Great to see you're using 600w lights, and the Lucas formula! At least that's my assumption with the gallon of FloraNova Bloom. You'll love it, and it will allow you to dial in your environment. Once you've got the environment dialed, you can experiment with your nutrients, to get the most out of that. Honestly, with all the experimenting I've done over the years, it really doesn't get much better than Lucas formula, for me. I think you'll appreciate it while you're getting the new room set up.

    Heat/cooling is the biggest obstacle, in my opinion. Your ability to control the heat is the biggest factor determining the method/style of your grow. Running co2, you'll want at least 1200-1500ppm, and higher temps at about 85f with lights on. Give that window unit AC a "smoke check," to determine if it's exchanging air with the atmosphere. If so, you're only going to waste co2, and it's probably not worth adding it until you get the room sealed.

    In my opinion, a portable AC isn't effective or efficient. a 1 ton portable is going to add as much heat to your room as a 1kw light, so it's effectively cancelling out about 1/3 of it's own cooling power.

    Unless you have a free/unlimited supply of cold ground water (like a stream or river within hose length distance), you want to install a mini-split air conditioner. There is a bit of a catch with the mini-splits, and that is installing them. You'll need an electrician, and an HVAC specialist to hook them up, unless you research how to yourself. I had my room and AC wired professionally, but I did plumb/evacuate the AC myself. It's really simply once you make sense of it. The specialty tools required to evacuate make it almost a moot point in buying one that has to be evacuated. I suggest looking at Ideal Air brand ACs. All of their mini-split type units can be installed without any special tools. The vacuum the line set so you don't have to. But you do pay for this feature. It's about $1,300. You can save about $3-400 of that price if you research enough to install a regular mini split yourself though.

    Until you get AC, and can seal your room, supplementing co2 is a waste of time/money.

    The Mini-split AC will also allow you to return the condensate to your nutrient reservoir, or feed a humidifier. Note, a cheap and reliable alternative to a humidifier is to simply spray clean water into the air stream of a fan. A pump, fan, and some basic fittings will work great. But not as clean as a proper humidifier.

    You'll probably need the dehumidifier at night, when the lights and AC isn't running.

    Good luck!
  13. Looks like someone has upgraded bigtime:hello: wonder if someone would look past some things. Hope all is well with the family. Great to see you about:wave:
  14. Anyone still paying attention to my slow lazy ass? (I've got some juicy pics)
  15. patiently waiting for said juicy pics. Hows things?
  16. nice advice..
  17. Lucas formula :

    G-M-B (Grow-Micro-Bloom)
    0-5-10 - For Vegetative cycle (24/0)
    0-8-16 - For Flowering cycle (12/12)

    Now, I have plant Grow, Micro, and Bloom.

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