1st time PC Grow. ~Nirvana's White Castle~

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by ballastatus, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. What's up GC!

    This is my first time attempting to grow in a PC case. My case is about 16"x16"x8".

    Germinated seeds last week, sprouted in soil about 3-4 days ago.

    I will post updates weekly, usually on Sunday.

    Open to constructive criticism so feel free to share your ideas on what could be fixed or work better.

    Everyone have a great day!

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  2. hey, what sort of lights are you using? wattage, color temp, plant looks a little stretched.
  3. I can see he is somewhat on track he has CFL's and 5500k-6500k in color. You need the tops of your plants to be 2-3"(inches) from the bulbs. That's why your plant is stretching it is reaching for the light. Other than that good job on the grow so far. Sub'd to see if you change spaces or keep it micro. :wave:
  4. Thanks for the comments. Using two 26 watt 6500k. Adding one more 26 watt.

    Also they are stretched. I moved them 3 inches away from lights this morning
  5. Good Job! Sounds like you are staying on top of this grow. Best of luck!! :hello:
  6. yea, i usually go for 3-4 cfls in my micro grows it seems to work well:) would also move your lights closer as xBuds Bunnyx said.
  7. well would have updated earlier today but the mobile GC app for android kept crashing when i was trying to attach pics.

    Anyways, the lil lady is growing pretty swiftly and looking very healthy. Today I transplated into a rectangular planter and I plan on LSTing around the whole rectangle.

    Should I make a screen and go for scrog? Yall let me know asap.
  8. not letting me upload the pictures right now. ill try again tomorrow
  9. subbed!

    love watching/following pc grows.

    i will be following your progress as i attempt to start my own.

    waiting for that picture update.

    goodluck with the grow!
  10. guess grasscity is having issues with uploading pics at the moment... Will post pics as soon as everything is back and working
  11. Finally!

    The first pic is before I transplanted to the rectangular container. A little longer than I wanted but it should work. Plant is actually bigger than these pics. These were taken 2 days ago if I'm not mistaken.

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  12. Decided the planter was too big for one plant so I planted a big bang seed straight into the soil last night. Pics coming Sunday.
  13. Weekly update.


  14. Big bang broke outta the soil overnight. Had to lst the white castle all the way down so I could get BB closer to the lights. Anyways, I will be switching to 12/12 as soon as the BB has her first true leaves.



  15. Any suggestions to increase yield? Will a screen increase yield significantly?
  16. do you have 2 plant sin 1 pot container?

    lst/sog/scrog/topping.. etc would definitely increase your yield if done right.

    experience is where its going to really benefit the plants/yield.


    also try and check out other pc micro grows -- the more knowledge you gain the better your chances will be.

    im always readin up on micro pc grows -- regardless if im subbed or not.

    just trying to absorb as much knowledge as possible.

    looking forward to your next update!
  17. Awesome stuff, plants look really healthy.
  18. nice grow man everything looks real healthy

  19. Yeah I do have 2 plants in one container but the container is pretty big. Also, I have seen many other journals that turned out good doing the same thing. I have seen even 3 large plants in a rectangular container turn out great! Also, I am going to top the WC and also probably put a screen in there. Adding more light as well.

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