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1st time on vicodin

Discussion in 'General' started by zeef91, Jul 9, 2006.

  1. Ok so i got 3 500 mg lortab (a vicodin knockoff) tonight from a friend. They each contained 10 mg of hydrocodone. So I was really weary at first about taking them because it was my first time and it was such a high dosage. My friends finally talked me into it. I took them about 7:30pm and waited.... As my other two friends were getting wasted i sat there in disappointment and to top it all off i had to babysit their drunk asses. It kicked in a little bit at about 9:30 but nothing too exciting. Once i left my friend's house and layed down in bed it really hit me. I sat there eating posicles for hours before i got the energy to look at the clock. It was 2:00am. I decided to sleep. I layed there sweating like crazy for another hour slipping in and out of the weirdest sleep I have ever had. Overall i loved this experience with vicodin and will for sure be doing it again.:)
  2. Vicoden is fun for the first couple of times or atleast it was for me, then it got boring and I wanted to try something similar, but stronger. While I never became addicted I always watched how much I took of that shit. That stuff is really bad for you, definitely can't be good atleast. If you really want to fucked up off opiates I suggest codiene syrup, also known as the purple drank, that gets your real lean. Have fun but be careful, its easy to get addicted to vikes, my mom was in a matter of 2 weeks after she had knee surgery.
  3. vic's suck for me I took 8 and drank a 40 wasnt even buzzed:(. But it works for pain with me which its good :wave:
  4. thanks for the replies and yeah i'm well aware of the dangers of the addiction to them which is why i only take them like once a week on my days off of work

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