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1st Time Northeast US Bagseed Guerilla Grow Journal

Discussion in 'Outdoor Grow Journals' started by sourdiesel2242, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. Hey Guys,

    Well, Im not sure exactly what to do here. Ive been checking out these forums since December of 2011 and when I got the Idea to start growing in my Forest early this February, I became a member to get as much information as I could so I would be ready. I dont plant on starting the growth until sometime in March, But ive been working on a nice, camouflaged clearing in my forest to prepare for the Growth. Ive been working on it for about a week now digging up rocks and whatnot, and even though the soil was pretty crappy, I mixed it with some mulch and nice Dark soil I stole from my neighbors Backyard. Well, as a result Ive seen a couple millipedes and worms in the soil which has become much softer. And Im guessing if I keep raking it and moving it around, it will be pretty good when I start to grow. However, I am taking my freinds advice here on not over thinking shit. He even went as far as to tell me just to spread the seeds around casually. Obviously I am not going to do this as Ive already got a plan for Germination and early growth, but I am wondering, how many plants could I grow in this Area below? I dont need them that high since Im just going to smoke it all as well as the fact that I dont want it to grow higher than the wall of dead branches that hide it. I got a good deal on bagseeds from a kid I know who sold me 22 for 10 dollars. Here is just 4 of them. Lastly, Someone told me I can grow each plant 6 inches apart, Is this true? and also what could be the possible negative outcomes of growing too close other than disorganization? I hope you all keep up with this journal as Im going to need some help along the way. However, I will probably not post again until I start Germinating my seeds anywhere between March 1st to 20th (It looks like it is already starting to become spring but I dont want to start until I see other plants grow) Anyways here is a picture of my hand compared to the hole, which I would like to add has doubled in size since this picture was taken, and also 4 of my seeds, which I might need feedback on so I know what quality they are (probably pretty bad). Alright, feel free to reply, Im out.:smoke:

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  2. Alright guys, Alot has happened since I last posted. I managed to get out a lot more rocks, thus expanding my total area greatly. Today I carved out some nice irrigation ridges, Ive mixed a lot of nice dark soil, orange peels, and Mulch to help build up the soil, and Ive also just as a test run began germinating a seed since I have so many. Its been growing in the paper towel for about 2.5 days now, I checked in on it and was surprised to see that the root was already beginning to form. Its to dark to Look at the "farm" now however, and the Im too lazy to take a picture of the seed. I will post again tommorow, Leave a reply because im still kinda confused. Some reassurance would be nice.
  3. Ideally,just one plant in that space of your pic...but plant 2 maybe 3..because one or 2 will turn male.
  4. Alright Guys,

    Ive started a bit early and almost every aspect of the project has been going good. Ive greatly expanded the "farm" as well as having germinated 2 seeds. At first I had a little bit of difficulty with germination having found that the place where the bag was was way to hot. I moved the seed to a better spot and after just one day it had sprouted like crazy! So i moved it in a place in my treehouse where it would get a lot of shade but unfortunately I found that the soil in the cup it was planted in had frozen when I got up the next morning. I figured out that I could instead, while it was cold out, Grow my seed in a large travel briefcase with a 120 watt floodlight over it. I understand that Incandescent lights usually are not the Ideal light to use but this is only until the weather is warm enough for me to plant them outside. Anyways, the frozen seed managed to survive and has been growing very well for 5 days now! I have a picture below, The other one was a seed I germinated when I thought that the frozen one might be dead, Its starting to pop up too. My only problem is that I have noticed that the big first leaf that the frozen one had before the typical leaves came in is that it is starting to shrivel up. Is this natural? I have been giving it enough water so the soil is kind of muddy and thats usually something I do twice a day and Im almost completely sure thats the reason, if it is, how long should I let it dry before watering again, and how much should I give it next time?
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  6. Ive been getting a couple answers from people saying its normal for the cotyledon to shrivel up but this earl in? also Ive started to notice a slight brown spot developing on one of my true leaves, is this normal? some feedback would be great

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