1st time luck?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by smokeythedawg, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. A guy gave me a dieing plant that was growing in a window planter in a rental house he was painting. Brought it home, put it in a pot w/ potting soil and watered when it didn't get rain. It was about 12" when i planted it, now it's about 30+. From the pictures on GC I think i have a female. Certainly hope so. I have another that is just starting to grow and wondered if it will produce anything due to the lack of time before the frost.
    First frost will probably be around Nov. possibly later. I guess i could build a grow box indoors. Anyway, I'm high and rambling.
    Any suggestions on either plant, Have absolutely no idea how to grow weed.

  2. weed aint ready till its ready, you cant harevest earlyer than the 8 weeks, build a grow box
  3. i just came in from burning one and talking to my plant. It seems to like it, that makes me smile inside. The area has had a lot of rain lately and now i have little babies sprouting up. It was a huge pot and I just dropped some more seeds just to see if they would start growing. I haven't a clue as to what strain, type, etc any of these are/would be.
    Guess i'll be building a box after all, time for a lot of research. Considering I kill just about any plant I touch I'm mildly surprised. I mean I had a tomato plant. Watered it, Feed it, etc. plenty of sun and the damn thing never produced the single tomato. I guess I'll let the sprouts grow and pick the best for the box. Glad i can grow these outside until I find out about a box, how to set it up and the cycles.
    Of to "how to build a box".


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