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1st time jamaican hotboxing

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bobmarley12, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. So I did the jamaican hotbox and then I was super paranoid.. But my dad just took a shower and my mom has walked by there and I don't think they have a clue so I'm feeling pretty good now :smoke:
  2. Haha I thought it was a hawaiian hotbox? I like Jamaican hotbox better though haha anyone know the difference? And congrats on the success
  3. #3 Guest, Aug 2, 2011
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2011
    It should be called the I'm-not-eighteen-yet-and-I-still-live-with-my-parents-but-I'm-too-disrespectful-and-too-much-of-a-bitch-ass-to-go-outside-and-smoke hotbox.
  4. hahahaha
  5. One I'm almost 19 two I wanted to try it at least once that Is the first time I've ever smoked in my house three ill be at college in two weeks so. I'm not living here much longer and four.. Suck a dick

  6. Neat.
  7. and the winner is.....
  8. its illegal either way

  9. It's also green. What is your point?
  10. hahahaha
  11. i just want to know what a jamaican hot box is haha
  12. its illegal if ur 18 and smoke in your apartment, and its illegal if ur a kid smoking in ur parents bathroom. see what im sayin?
  13. So you hotbox the bathroom with the shower running? I don't get it.

    You like being in small hot and humid rooms?

    Steam sure doesn't cover up the smoke or smell. I don't see why anyone would do this. Whatever man.
  14. jamacian hotboxes will get you higher. the point of it is to make the room steam up, which in turnn opens up the pores of your skin, absorbing the smoke in the air.

  15. I said nothing about respecting the law at any point. I was talking about respecting your parents. Parents that gave you a place to live, food to eat, clean clothing, and an environment to grow up in. I don't give a fuck about the legality. I give a fuck about the morality. See what I'm sayin'?
  16. I am very respectful to my parents
  17. i thought it was called "cuban hotboxing."
  18. i really wanna try this but im still scared too, just in the event i do get caught D:
  19. Haha knew you would say that, but really, what's it hurting to smoke a little bud inside?
  20. Okay but who even asked you for your high and mighty opinion? You don't know shit about him, his parents or his circumstances. Stay in your lane and stop judging people, troll. Smoke a bowl and chill out.

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