1st time hydro, Slow flowering or impatience?

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    1st timer got 2 big buds (original from seed) under 600W HPS which is at 400W just now 18" above the plant, think flowering started 14/12/16 but switched a week before. using hydroponics just 2 airstones in each full whack. temps from 68F to 78F pH sitting at 6.2 at most times. 2 4" fans in and out with 1 big fan blowing air around the grow space sides. trying now to work but they look a little scarce for 4ish weeks into flowering. any help of feedback is appreciated guys, went into this one blind haha. no boost YET but i will get it asap.

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  2. They do seem a bit small for being in flower since November. Here's mine two and a half weeks in.

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  3. Sorry 14/12/16 haha
    Your sites look amazing awesome so far!
  4. Ahhhhh, if it's December then you're totally fine bro. I wouldn't worry at all.

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