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  1. some 1 please help can any tell me whats wrong with my seed lings, they hav littel brown spots. and seems like leavez r curling up as seen in pics, dose any one hav any info. they r nine dayz old, one day under the hps 175 watt. 8 days under floursent light in humid. dome in starter rockwool cube feed with flora nut. three stage system 1/4 tsp. nut. per gallon, and micro nut. 1 tsp. per gallon. this is the first time ive tryed grown hydro how long should i feed it this mix? when should i transplant to my hydro drip system?how many days is the seedling stage last? it seems that stem on one of the seed lings is 2 weak to support the emerging leaves. what am i doin wrong? it makn me crazy. ive lost four seedlings to dampning off. these r fermised seeds from holland

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  2. How close are your lamps and 420 shade i dont he has them in hydro system yet because arent you supposed to start them in dirt...
  3. when u say firt.r u reffering to micro nutrients? or do u mean my flora 3 stage grow system. this is hydro not dirt, seedlings r in rock wool starter cubes, under 175 hps now 4 a day light is 10 to 12 inches from top of plants on 24/7 light
  4. d00d, let your plants sleep, go 18-6 move the light up to about 20" and slowly bring it back to 10-12". We all need sleep, 24-7 is no bueno at all!!!!!!! After seedlings are under flouros for that while you need to slowly introduce the HPS spectrum, it is really hot and really dif spec. Do you have your solution ph and ec that would help.
  5. do u really think the light spacen and 24 hour really apply? dose that hav any thing to do with my littel brown dots or leaves curln up?
  6. yes, i know it has to do with the health of that plant, how do you look after 4 weeks of no rest time????? And if that is all you got from my post then i am sorry there were at least two other items there, pay atention, i am trying to help you ok????
  7. What hydro system you running, NFT or bubbler?

    It looks like you have a fert burn from your pics and if your fert recipe is what you are using, then you do have fert burn.

    Are you using the 3-part General Hydroponids fertilizer, Flora micro, Flora Grow, and Flora Bloom? And what is you micro nutes.

    Let me know wht you are running and I'll give you a recipe for your ferts for each step of the grow,

    And if I forget to respond, send me a PM to remind me.
  8. maybe you have a pH problem rather than a fert burn. Because at 1/4 tsp of nute per gallon, that shouldn't burn seedlings accodring to my fert recipe. www.overgrow.com/growfaq/92

    Did you pH balance your rockwool before using it? What's your pH of your solution?

    If you are suffering from dampening off of seedlings, you are overwatering, Are you keeping the wool cube completely saturated or are you allowing it to dry out a bit?
  9. some good info. big poppa, ph balence my rock wool i dont know what that means. i check the ph b4 i started with my mix it was at 5.8 -6.0 around their. im useing the flora system as u said but i also put in the micr nut. grow. do u think thats whats burning them? just use the 3 part flora, without the micro nut. grow? my sestem is a drip irrigation, it has water tank on the bottom and clay pebels on the top, the water comes out the dripper and flows down the rocks back in to the tank, small pump pushes air forcn water to flow.please tell me ur nut schedual, it would help alot, can u tell me how many days each sced. should last?? ur a big help thx. and the rock wool cube was compleatly sat. but i let it dry out a littel the past days. how many days should each watern b???
  10. big poppa, i cheched ur schedule and i dont know what "pro-Tekt" is?? can u tell me where i can get this? and how long as in day'z each scheduel should last? thx
  11. Rock wool has a high pH itself. You need to let it sit in water for an hour or two and then check the pH. It should be around 10. Then neutrlize the water that the rock wool is in and it will pH balance out the rock wool. If you haven't done that, you may have a pH problem with your fluid. Take some of the fluid that has been sitting in your rockwool and check the Ph of it and tell us what it is.

    Protekt is a silicon based additive that helps root growth.

    So you are using the 3-part Flora series, 5 mils of each nute, the Flora Micro, Flora Gro, and Flora Bloom. Add some epsom salts and protekt when your plant gets going and that's all you really need for a good grow. If you are adding extra micro nutes especially at the rate of 1 tsp pr gallon, you are going to fert burn your plant.

    As far as hydro goes, I know Bubblers pretty good but not drips, as well, as yours. For seedlings, I try to keep nute levels low, around a 500 to 600 EC reading. I only add nutes when the EC readings drop lower than that. And for seedlings, you should only add ferts one time and then plain pH balanced wtare from there on out. Change your reservoir fluid every 10 to 14 days. Its easier to add nutes to a hungry plant, than flush out one that is burning.

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