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  1. Hi!

    I'm a total beginner at growing, although I have searched online and saw many topics what to look for with sick plants I don't really know where to start. Hopefully you guys could give me some advice.
    I have 1 plant here are it's details:
    -strain: Durban Poison (Sativa)
    -indoor grown
    -14 days since it popped out of the soil
    -gets light from outside (next to window) and 2 LED lights (2x 800 lumen) on a 18 hour/6 hour cycle, about 5 inch distance
    -used ordinary universal soil, but the one with 6 months of nutrients
    -water ph level should be fine
    -did not add any other nutrients (yet)
    -has fresh air from open window and ventilator (not directly pointed at the plant)
    Visible issues:
    -stern looks a bit long if I compare it with other pictures I saw on this forum and elsewhere, I only added the additional LED lights about 3 days after it showed itself
    -first 2 leaves look disfigured and deep green
    -couple of leaves have a lighter green spots/lines on them

    So I'm having some concerns on its looks and have no idea what to do, hopefully I can act before it's too late. Or I can learn from my mistakes and try again. I appreciate the advice! Thanks!

  2. Initial node spacing is long because it needed more light. The tighter spacing in the newer growth looks like it's a bit happier, though you will end up needing more light later.
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  3. Dude? where is the pics.? why aren't they posted normally .?..like that it's tough to answer...you'll greatly increase your chances by posting good pics without the leds on ..up close so we can see the leaves
    and all other info you know!


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  4. Thanks, I was afraid I was late with adding the lights or that they were too weak. Could this also be the reason for the discoloration on some leaves? Appreciate the feedback!

    Couldn't link them, sorry new to the forum so I made an album and linked it like that. I will make some new pics after work tonight and post them differently, thanks for the feedback.
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    Hi again, here are some better pics.
    20170713_173557.jpg 20170713_173616.jpg 20170713_173640.jpg 20170713_173645.jpg 20170713_174128.jpg 20170713_174140.jpg

    Edit: Without the led lights on them. Also it has been between 23 and 26 degrees celcius inside (73-79F)
  6. looks like genetic mutations. Given the overall ..I'd say continue. Maybe it will iron out Maybe it doesn't have to and that's normal. make sure your ph and ec are on point. (RUNOFF) and be patient ...I would be giving it 1/4 strength nutes right now...6.5 runoff ph.


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  7. Thanks for the advice, the tapwater here is somewhere between 5,5 and 6,0 ph and I thought this would be ok, so this could indeed be the issue. I'll buy a ph meter to measure it accurately.
    Also I backtracked my actions regarding lighting and I think I understand why the first node was reaching, because it's next to the window it probably did not get enough darkness during its off hours and started reaching towards outside light. Lessons learned I guess... :)

    Appreciate the tips guys!
  8. On the same boat as you! 2 weeks in, total beginner, will be following this thread!
  9. To my beginners eyes they are looking pretty sweet man! Good luck! :D
  10. They look good BUT that lime green does indicate that it's hungry..and time for feeding..and time to transplant to a bigger pot. Keep that runoff ph in range.

    good luck

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  11. Okay, these pics are making me start to wonder... Is this what most people's seedlings look like? On my second grow and I have 7 nodes in a 4" seedling.... Is it the hydro that makes a difference?? Or my HPS lights?
  12. Update (day 24):
    We were getting some green stuff on the top layer, so we decided to transplant her (scratched off the top layer of the old soil but kept most of the lump. Did accidentally tear off some roots so we thought that was going to be the end of it. Gave her an hour extra darkness that night, hoping for it to help with the stress/recovery.
    - transplanted her in a bigger pot, fresh soil
    - flushed and gave nutrients
    - giving her extra sun time outside as much as we can
    She grew to about 12 inches/31 cm now, new leaves are all looking ok to my eye.
    To do still is to get a ph meter, will be doing that soon.

    Question: The bottom part looks a bit off to the top part, also the 2 initial leaves seem to have died out, they turned yellow and shrunk. Not sure if this is because of tearing off some of the roots, overfeeding or ph of the water, the top part seems to be growing and has a healthy color and look. Is it normal that those 2 first leaves die out after some time?
    20170723_175537.jpg 20170723_175605.jpg

    Weird part:

    Thanks! :)

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