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  1. OK I have been helping my buddy with his room he was on a limited budget and had his mind set on how he wanted to set it up ,so he went with 6 4'floros wide spectum bulbs here's 2 of the 5 that he has in his closet
    BTW he started 6 seeds and they were all females, what luck!!

    give some feedback
    Sorry I should have turned those pics (I know for next time)


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  2. beautiful :) +rep
  3. Looks like some dank yo... just make sure you save a little and let it cure =)
  4. damn son i want some of that it deff looks dank i am about to harvest my first grow in like 1 week but mine dont look that good mine just looks like some reg
  5. That is such a beautiful plant!! Nice work!!:smoke:
  6. wow thanks ya'all , I thought I would get some Neg feedback and learn somthing that we did wrong and do better the next grow !! like I said not mine but I've given all his info ,I searched this site and found it all here in the last 3mths on how to grow these
    little hun's so we thanks the forums for that!!

    I think next grow he should be adding a bit more lights and better air
    this is done in a closet with just a open window as fresh air ,the floro's and only 1/10th the nuts everyother week ,bottom feed most of the time! and light timing was not consistent on the 12/12 he did it manually most of the time, both of those have been nocked over before and he has not keep track of there days alive both in veg and in flower!! but I go over to see them every few days to make sure they don't go over
    he knows what to do but seems to forget a lot!! hehe

  7. Hah! Are you growing in a trashcan? I think I have that red one in my laundry room, full of dryer lint.

    That's a pretty plant. Dark green healthy leaves. Nice work!

    Do you know the "strain"? Those are some skinny leaves.
  8. yeup there trash cans !! dollar store !!
    and those seeds were bag seed but only from good outdoor or hydro that made some seeds(he never saved seeds from weed he didn't like)

    I'll let him know we are on the right track!!


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