1st time grower (indoors) HELP cloning

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  1. i tried to prep my mother as best as i know how (Durban Poison), i gave her lots of water for a week or so before hand and tried to keep her moist (this is what the guy at the hydroponics store said to do). bought the liittle disks that expand in water as a grow medium (plz excuse my ignorance), bought Roots rooting hormone, clipped from the mom on a 45 degree angle dipped in the roots, straight to the medium, covered in the prop. box for 3-4 days now they're in general purpose pro-mix with only water, i do use DNF gro as the fertelizer but have not added any yet. the plants look terrible in my opinion(wilting) i am in a small space with a 400 watt MH sun master warm deluxe bulb. i don't know if the wilting is normal as they ajust......i need help and advice plz
  2. Check out this:

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T07--heDYHc&feature=PlayList&p=E3DC387D0D6B5B7E&playnext=1&playnext_from=PL&index=1"]YouTube - How to Clone Marijuana - Cloning Marijuana[/ame]

  3. Its natural for clones to droop during the first few days. Your clones have no roots right now and only feed through their leaves. So your little clone has to get food somehow, and it does that by eating its leaves. Those leaves that die off during cloning... they are not JUST dying, so much as doing their job protecting the plant, and giving it what it may need to help rooting.

    Make sure to mist them regularly and keep their medium moist. Other then that you just gotta be patient. Good luck with babies. :smoke:
  4. I never get any wilting or leaves eating themselves while cloning. I use rapid rooters which are pretty much the same as peat pellets you're using.

    I soak the rapid rooters in water ph 5.2 and 100ppm of liquid karma. Squeeze the rapid rooters out. Take the cuttings, cut again at a 45 degree angle under water. Scratch up the sides of the stem with a razor blade. Dip them in cloning gel. Then put them in a dome. I mist the dome and the cuttings. Leave them in there, but everyday i take the dome off and blow on them for a while. I spray if all the water has evaporated. They root in 7 days.
  5. they have all perked up now and are looking alot better. i'm tellin ya man this durban poison is nice to work with, for not really known what i'm doin.:D i should have left them in the dome for longer i think! when you spray them can you add anything to the water, and is it good to spray 45 min. before the lights come on for the entire life of the plant??
  6. Rapid Rooters FTW
  7. Good to hear. Don't need to add anything to the water, but there are some who add 100-200ppm of nutes/additives. Waste IMO. And no, it is not good to spray the entire life of the plant. I personally don't do any foliar feeding, but if you have to do it make sure you quit when plants start flowering. It promotes mold and can cause leaf burn under higher intensity lighting.

  8. I grew a shit-ton of Durban Poison outdoors in 1999, 2000 and 2001. Really forgiving and my favorite type of high.
  9. i was gonna leave some indoor and put some outdoor. i've also got some guerillas gusto and another clone a guy told me was willys wonder(durban and the gusto were from sensi and dutch passion) iwas thinking also about putting all my durban and all my gusto outdoors and trying to work with the willys indoor a little(don't know much about it though)

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