1st time grower . I need some help any natural ferts?????

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  1. I got these seeds from barneys coffee shop in on my last trip to amsterdam this is my 1st go at growing and it's all looking good so far. I only started 1 plant as a trial run and it has just started to show its sex i think its a sure female well pleased for 1st plant cheers to barneys.

    I have them under a 600watt hps with a and 40watt life glow flo running up wall only thing is the temp hit over 100f on a sunny day so i have start to put it outside when its sunny started the 12 hour dark about a week ago.

    This the part im not getting write i think please any ideas ?????

    Im using rainwater with sometimes a watering of de-ironized water
    once a week i add a little tomato plant food N= 4.5%
    P = 1.2%
    K = 7.4%
    I dont know a thing about ferts what should use ?

    im putting some pics on so have a look and tell me what ya think
    Keep on tokeing
    sweet tooth

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  2. That is a bit high in K for vegetative growth, but will be excellent for flowering. Try to find something with NPK roughly the same.
  3. tell me what your thinking
    any advice and comments are very welcome
    keep on tokeing
    sweet tooth.

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  4. how many times a week should i feed it any idea ?

    sweet tooth

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