1st time grower here need help!

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  1. hi guys. it's my 1st time growing, I have one auto(blue treacle) and it's been 7 days since it sprouted. on it's 5th day it seems to be stunted. I think I overwatered it because my pot(permanent) seems to have bad drainage in compost soil. so I transplant it to another smaller pot with new lighter soil. it doesn't seem to have any other problems just stunted, no yellow leaves. will it recover? is it gonna be okay? just really worried cuz this is my last seedling. the other 2 died. im just feeding it with tap water no nutes becauseI'm planning on bringing it in compost soil

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  2. You won't a see any difference till the roots are well established, at the point it's all happening under the soil... once they have grown a little and found their feet it will take off.. give it another week or 2 and see the difference.
  3. I'd like to let it do it's thing and don't water it for a few days, maybe a little. is that ok sir?
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  4. this is my Hisenburgh auto going on about 9 days..being grwn outside in a 13 gal jug..wtr'd a cup at a time using a funnel..no till soil..it is grwning but very impeceptible..i just stnding bk and letting it do its thing in its time,,rest of my perpetual garden is on trac and just had hrvst ystrday.. 000_6582.JPG 000_6591.JPG 000_6604.JPG 000_6593.JPG 000_6590.JPG
  5. very nice sir. I hope my seedling would grow a little bigger soon, like yours. I'll just keep an eye on my seedling just to be sure. thanks btw

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