1st Time Grower (Help/Info)

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  1. Hey guys just wanted some quick help/info. :hello:

    I currently have a 16 pot hydroponics system, (flood and drain)

    4x HPS 400w

    Silicon, and Grow/Bloom A/B (House and Garden (Amsterdam)

    And have built the equivelant to a "Bud Box" which is 2x2x3 lined with B&W (Of course mylar will be used for flower)

    (2 Occ Fans and 1 Carbon Filter)

    Currently growing blue cheese and i am into my 4th week of VEG,

    Nitrozyme and Rhizotonic have been used in the early stages.

    Firstly i was hoping to find out if it is ok for plants to share pots during veg?

    Secondly: (Your Opinion) What will be my estimated yield per plant?


    Thanks For your Time Reading this.
  2. OK, so you're using a flood and drain, so I don't exactly understand what you mean by sharing pots. If you have one big pre-setup flood/drain system (which I'm guessing you do) then the answer is probably yes? Kinda hard to understand what you are asking without a pic (or at least a better question). If it is a pre-setup system, then yes, you should be fine, however realize fitting 16 plants into that size of an area can get cramped, quickly.

    As far as harvest... who knows. This is your first grow I'm guessing? If so you really made a huge step. 4 HPS lights is nothing to joke around with. It really depends on how good you are at growing, and the strain. I know cheese can be a high yielder, but still too many variables. I'll say this, if you get 2 Oz or more / plant, than you did a very good job. Anything over 3 Oz / plant and consider yourself a good grower :).

    Either way you got plenty of light, let's see if you know what to do with them. I'm going to guess if this is your first grow, you're going to run into some hiccups along the way. Good luck though, and keep us posted.

  3. Yeh im with you on the new grower thing, but in fairness to myself i have done as much research as i can handle and i am now refering to this forum for further guidance.

    As for the sharing a pot question what i was meaning is i had 18 cuttings, 2 of which i will use for mother plants for taking cuttings from, i have place them sharing a pot with two other plants, and was wondering if this will be ok during veg.

    I am currently using MH bulbs and will change to HPS for flower.

    The reason i was asking about the yield is simply because i read in some places that you will only get an oz a plant and others that you will get a low average of 5 oz per plant, (All very confusing :( )

    And yes hiccups i have had but have been corrected swiftly, one of which was a slight overwatering (Nothing too serious)
  4. Any Opinions on the Pics? Anyone?
  5. Your yield will be what it is based on your talents.
    As far a putting more than one plant in a bucket, you know each plant will be fighting over the available O2 & nutes, roots will end up growing together. If you gotta do it then it will be fine if not, your always better off with them separate. But based on your set up I think you know what your doing.
  6. OK, now I see what you're talking about. I would never put two plants in the same spot. Plants pretty much need a minimum of 3 gallons. So unless you're putting them into containers larger than 6 gallons, I would stay away from it.

    Everything else looks ok.
  7. Thanks,

    Ye i have learned alot from experienced growers that i know, and they advised me to expect a minimum of 5oz per plant but thats seems unlikely with what people are saying. :confused:

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