1st time grower 600hps grow tent!!!

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  1. ok guys this is my first setup. im pretty sure i have the basics covered. I am going to be growing 3 g13 pineapple express and 1 dinafem super silver haze. I have a 4ft x 4ft sun hut grow tent. my lighting is a 600 watt hps with the hood. the soil i am going to be using will be a 1:1 mix of FFOF and Happy Frog. I havent really decided on nutes yet, possibly going with floro-nova from my local hydro store. right now i have 3 sprouts in solo cups under a t8 lamp. I have one more that hasnt made it to the surface yet but thats because she germinated later than the first 3. all the plants when ready will be going into 3 gal smart pots. here are some pics of what i have going on.

    1 question i have is i have 2 last seeds germinating. the others they germinated with are now the sprouts in the pics. what should i do with the 2 germinating seeds?? should i let them keep going? i read that i could crack them and theyd germinate. is that a good idea? any advice would help!!!

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  2. How are you germinating? Sprouts look good man.
  3. thanks!! i used the paper towel method, 3 sheets on top 3 sheets on bottom in a sealed tupperware container with a towel over the top. im using distilled room temp water. they have been sitting on top of my tent in my grow room which is completely dark when the doors closed and the room temp is probably about 83 degrees.
  4. happy frog is more for seed starting, I dont like how light it is for mature plants. just my 2 cents. Maybe like a 2:1, or even a 3:1 FF to HF

    also, is that the hard aluminum ducting? if it is i would suggest getting the bendy kind, because if your leaving your plants on the ground, your goign to want to lower that light.

    Other than that everything is looking good
  5. yeah it is the hard ducting. i couldnt find the soft bendy stuff in 6 inch. im having a hard time keeping the temp in the correct range. it keeps going into the mid to high 80's. any suggestions??
  6. ok so heres an update. i went out and got an exhaust fan for the tent and also changed from that stiff hard ducting to the soft kind. just got it installed so im not really sure if its helping yet or not. the sprouts are doing good. the dinafem super silver haze first leaf set kinda twisted for some reason idk... they are all still growing good, new growth every day. the one is kinda small because it germed late but the way i see it better late than never!!!

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